Professor Patricia D. Hopkins Receives Sankofa Award

Professor Patricia D. Hopkins Receives Sankofa Award

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Associate Professor of English and Director of African-American Studies Dr. Patricia D. Hopkins has received a​ 2016 Sankofa Award​ ​from CNU’s Student Diversity and Equality Council. 

The word “sankofa” in the Akan language of Ghana means to “reach back and get it.” It is represented by a bird with its head turned backward taking an egg off its back. The Sankofa Award recognizes organization advisers who have taken on a mentorship role in the lives of students, helping them see their potential to become the best version of themselves.

Hopkins earned a PhD in English from the University of Pennsylvania and joined Christopher Newport in 2006. In addition to deconstructing images of African-Americans and black life in the media, Dr. Hopkins’ research interests include African-American literature and gender studies, specifically looking at the violence inflicted upon the b​lack female body in the cases of sexual exploitation, rape and lynching.

In order to promote and retain diversity at Christopher Newport while ​also ​working to eliminate stereotype​s, prejudice​s and misconceptions about people of color, ​Hopkins​ give​s​ ​her time and talent as academic adviser and mentor to ​both the Black Student Union and ​the African Student Union.

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