Dr. Anna DeJong Wins $150K From National Science Foundation

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Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Anna DeJong was awarded a three-year $150,000 grant from the National Science Foundation that will support her research, as well as that of two students, for the next three years. DeJong’s research involves the upper atmosphere and how it affects activity in Earth’s magnetosphere – the region of space where charged particles are controlled by Earth’s magnetic field. Specifically, she will study the ability of electrical currents to flow during different types of energy transport in the magnetosphere.

“By better understanding how ionospheric feedback affects the magnetosphere, we will improve our ability to understand and predict space weather,“ says DeJong. ”Better predictions will also help protect our technology from damage due to space weather phenomenon.”

DeJong earned her PhD from the University of Michigan and specializes in space weather, heliophysics and Earth’s magnetosphere.

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