Making Waves With Sorority Recruitment

My journey 'running home' to my new sorority.

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Sorority formal recruitment just came to a successful close. Roughly 100 women attended this year, filling the Freeman Center Field House.

The process, however, started a few days before that. On day one, we met with our recruitment counselors, who would help guide us. The feeling in the air on this day wasn’t one of nerves, but anticipation. Anticipation for what was in store for us.

I entered college not wanting to join a sorority. I was influenced by the stereotypes of Greek life. However, I have been on campus a year now and it is undeniable that Greek life is something special at CNU. It defies those stereotypes and I found that I wanted to be a part of it. I knew I wanted to find a service opportunity that spoke to me and a group of women I could call sisters. It felt more like I needed it to be a part of my life. So, I stepped far out of my comfort zone and went through recruitment.

Day two was the busiest day. We met with the seven sororities we have on campus. This is the day nerves kicked in, especially for an introvert like me. We spent 20 minutes in different rooms talking to two or three women each time about the different philanthropies each organization represents at Christopher Newport. It was inspiring to see that CNU's sororities offer a number of different service opportunities, such as helping coach a soccer team for Special Olympics, raising breast cancer awareness or helping the visually impaired with Service for Sight. At the end of the night we went through computer selection. Each of us had to eliminate two sororities we didn’t feel were a good match for us. I knew my choice, but was still terrified I was making the wrong decision.

After barely any sleep, day three started. There were now five sororities left for each of us to look at. I was invited back to talk to two sororities that felt I was a good fit in their organization based on the previous day. Others in my group got called back to three, some to five. We spent 40 minutes in each room talking to more women. The topic of sisterhood was highlighted in each room. It felt like it was over in five minutes, and I was in computer selection again. Each of us had to narrow it down to two sororities, which was easy for me because that’s all I had left. I can be indecisive, so I was grateful I didn’t have to pick my last two myself.

Day four was the final day of the process. At this point we all had an idea about where we wanted to go. This day started with our recruitment counselor telling us which sororities wanted to talk to us again. Each of us could be called back to two, but I was only called back to one. This wasn’t a bad thing. My last sorority had been the only constant within this process. It was the sorority I visited on the first day and it was still there on the last day. To me that meant I belonged there. The final round was an hour long and we only talked to one member – a woman we had talked to in a previous round and enjoyed our conversation. It was more personal. We talked about where we grew up and why joining a sorority was something special to us. There were tears and there was laughter. We then attended our last computer selection. We had to rank the last two sororities we visited. My decision was easy because I only had one left on my list!

Four hours later we all received our bids, which are invitations to join the sorority. Bid day is the last piece in the process. Here come the tears. The room was packed with people. The sororities were lined up side by side ready to welcome us as we stood on the other side facing them. When our recruitment counselor counted down we would run across. I was overwhelmed with excitement watching everyone run into the arms of their new sisters. I was thankful for this opportunity to find a home on campus. I knew I had found a place I could make a splash. Throughout the process I kept hearing others say that joining a sorority meant joining something bigger than oneself, and standing on one side of the Field House ready to run home, I knew that it was true.

Three, two, one, RUN!

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