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New Pre-Law Program Adviser Named

Former attorney ready to help students succeed in the legal professions.

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Dr. Michelle Kundmueller, Assistant Professor of American Studies, is the new adviser for Christopher Newport's Pre-Law Program.

Kundmueller attended law school at the University of Notre Dame and then practiced law in Chicago for five years. In her civil litigation practice, which focused on torts and contract disputes, she developed the theoretical and practical knowledge of law that guides her advising. Kundmueller experienced both the rigors and the beauties of the practice of law, and believes both should be shared with students exploring the possibility of a future as an attorney.

Eventually leaving the practice of law to pursue a doctorate in political theory at Notre Dame, Kundmueller continues to devote much of her research to legal scholarship.

“I enjoyed Notre Dame Law School and my five years in private practice in Chicago. It was exciting and intellectually rewarding, and I worked daily with some of the most intelligent people I will ever know,” she says. “At the same time, teaching is a true calling for me. Part of my vision of myself as a teacher – part of what made me leave the practice and head back to Notre Dame for my doctorate in political thought – was the desire to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about law with undergraduates who were trying to determine how to get into a good law school and whether it would be a good choice for them.”

CNU prepares students across all majors for admission to the nation’s top law schools. Courses in constitutional law, logic and legal reasoning immerse undergraduates in jurisprudence, while the constitutional studies concentration in the American studies major and the philosophy of law minor enhance students’ legal acumen. The Pre-Law Program offers a solid foundation for law school success through academic and career advising; workshops, seminars and guest lectures; networking opportunities; the Phi Delta Alpha professional pre-law fraternity; Law School Admission Test preparation; and more.

As pre-law students work toward their professional goals, Kundmueller underscores the University’s strengths in preparing them. “Small classes are ideal environments in which to learn, in which to practice your budding oral advocacy skills, and in which to receive feedback from professors in order to make your undergraduate years a time of continual improvement,” she says. “Christopher Newport also has a culture of engagement and leadership, and this translates into key opportunities to grow as a speaker, a communicator, a negotiator and a leader. All of these skills are integral to the practice of law.”

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