Danielle Ward-Griffin Awarded Virgil Thomson Fellowship

Music professor received grant for study on Gian Carlo Menotti opera.

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Dr. Danielle Ward-Griffin, Assistant Professor of Music, has been awarded the Virgil Thomson Fellowship from the Society for American Music for “Exporting Menotti: Maria Golovín at the Brussels World Fair.” The project explores the premiere of a little-known opera by American composer Gian Carlo Menotti by the NBC Opera Company at the Brussels World Fair in 1958.

“This project will reveal the role of broadcasting in promoting American opera abroad. This was particularly important during the cold war, when overseas musical performances were part of American cultural diplomacy in Europe," says Ward-Griffin. "This research also promises to map out early attempts to create a trans-Atlantic audience for opera on screen, predating modern-day global opera broadcasts, such as those by the Metropolitan Opera’s "Live in HD."

The Virgil Thomson Fellowship is awarded competitively to scholars whose research interest is focused on the history, creation, and analysis of American music on stage and screen, including opera.

Ward-Griffin specializes in issues of place and mediatization in 20th-century opera, focusing specifically on the operas of Benjamin Britten. She earned a PhD from Yale University.

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