Mulryan Co-edits Text on Prison Escape Tales

Book highlights interdisciplinary nature of tales and their impact on European identity.

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Dr. Michael Mulryan
Dr. Michael Mulryan

Dr. Michael Mulryan, Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, co-edited and is a contributor to Eighteenth-Century Escape Tales: Between Fact and Fiction, a study of the interdisciplinary nature of prison escape tales and their impact on European cultural identity.

"Prison escapees who recount their exploits often blur the line between fact and fiction, attempting to make themselves look more heroic than they actually were," says Mulryan. "Eighteenth-century readers identified with these renegade heroes because they resisted the confines of the social order by resisting the tyranny of the state, often achieving individual happiness in spite of the numerous injustices they faced."

Mulryan is an expert on 18th century French literature, language and civilization. He holds a PhD from the University of Illinois.

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