CNU Students Earn National Alpha Chi Scholarships

National honor society recognizes two students with cash awards for academic excellence.

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Since its charter in 1977, the Alpha Chi Honor Society at Christopher Newport has seen several students receive monetary awards from the national organization. Now, on the 40th anniversary of the University’s Virginia Zeta chapter, Christopher Newport celebrates two students receiving scholarships this past year: Andrew Moyer ’17 and Shannon Farrow ‘16, MAT ’17.

A biochemistry and neuroscience major, Moyer says, “I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge. I have been fascinated with the brain from a very young age, and I wanted to study it." When Moyer heard about winning the award, he knew it would help him with graduate school expenses.

A recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program, Farrow is the winner of Alpha Chi's Benedict Fellowship. “It was a huge answer to my prayers,” Farrow says. “The fellowship was basically doing the everyday work of paying my rent so I could do the everyday work of obtaining my master’s.”

Dr. Jay Paul, Honors Program Director, has served as Alpha Chi’s sponsor since 1989. “The GPA to be invited was a 3.25 back then, but since the school grew and improved, it is now a 3.7. It’s an elite group of people,” he says.

The Society recognizes scholarship and character of any academic form – from artwork and research papers to musical compositions and computer software. Paul asks society members to submit papers written for advanced classes and then reviews them before students apply for awards. He specifically considers a paper’s sophistication and freshness. “If it interests me, I’m sure it’ll interest other people,” he says.

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