Joshua Patterson Awarded $239K from National Science Foundation

Chemistry professor receives funding for atmospheric research.

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Dr. Joshua Patterson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, was awarded a three-year, $239,989 grant from the National Science Foundation Environmental Chemical Sciences Program. The grant will support a collaboration between Patterson and Dr. Arunkumar Sharma of Wagner College.

The team will use a combined experimental and computational approach to study the properties of ions in atmospheric aerosol particles. Students participating in the research will be involved in an exchange program between the two institutions and will gain experience and training in physical, computational and atmospheric chemistry.

“Ions are involved in a number of important chemical reactions that take place in atmospheric aerosol particles,” says Patterson. “However, the unique environment within aerosol particles leads to chemical reactions that cannot occur anywhere else. Our research is focused on unraveling the chemistry of aerosols and improving our ability to predict and model atmospheric chemistry.”

Patterson holds a PhD from the University of Washington and specializes in physical chemistry and spectroscopy.

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