Research Spotlight: Critical Voices

Five students published book reviews in award-winning music journal.

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Two music majors and three music alumni have had their reviews of recent publications in musicology published in the peer-reviewed journal, Critical Voices, an award-winning journal hosted by the University of Guelph in Canada. The student reviews are available at the link below.

  • Olivia Edwards ('18) - A Review of Peter Pesic's Polyphonic Minds: Music of the Hemispheres
  • Serena Hoernig ('19) - A Review of Douglas Shadle's Orchestrating the Nation: The Nineteenth-Century American Symphonic Enterprise
  • Hannah Shoemaker ('18) - A Review of John Wriggle's Blue Rhythm Fantasy: Big Band Jazz Arranging in the Swing Era
  • Alexander Bukovich ('19) - A Review of John Baily's War, Exile and the Music of Afghanistan: The Ethnographer's Tale
  • Anna Perkins ('18) - A Review of Philip V Bohlman and Goffredo Plastino's Jazz Worlds/World Jazz

Faculty Mentor
Danielle Ward-Griffin

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