Students Preparing to Teach Art Will Unleash Their Creativity at Conference

Five students will present at Virginia Art Education Association conference.

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Dr. Barbara Stephenson
Dr. Barbara Stephenson

Graduate students in Christopher Newport University’s Master of Arts in Teaching Program will attend a statewide conference to learn new techniques for educating and inspiring children studying the visual arts.

Under the direction of Professor Barbara Stephenson, five students will offer presentations at the Virginia Art Education Association conference in Harrisonburg. The November conference brings together future teachers and arts educators from schools, universities and museums.

In front of that knowledgeable audience, the Christopher Newport students will be able to practice their classroom skills by demonstrating two lessons:

  • “Popped Out Paintings” is a classroom exercise designed to get children thinking outside the traditional rectangle shape of many paintings. The Christopher Newport students will help prepare the materials, present the lesson and work with the participants on constructing a “popped out” painting support.

  • “Unleashing Creativity Through Divergent and Convergent Thinking” is a lecture and activity session where Christopher Newport students will help participants create original works of art, in this case a unique accordion-fold book.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to polish their teaching skills in a challenging environment,” Stephenson said. “The payoff will come when they’re out teaching on their own and apply their enhanced understanding of lesson structure and delivery.”

In addition to the classroom sessions, the five Christopher Newport students will practice job interview skills and network with administrators from school districts throughout Virginia.

More information on the Virginia Art Education Association program is available at the link below.

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