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A student analyzes soil samples.

Honors Program Awards Summer Research Stipends

Students from a wide variety of majors win cash stipends for summer projects.

Above: Undergraduate research is an integral part of a CNU education.

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A group of students from majors spanning the academic spectrum, from genetics to music, are the winners of this year's Honors Program summer research stipend competition. The winners each receive a $1,000 stipend to support their independent research projects. The winners are listed below.

  • Emily Abrel, music
    Learning and Opportunity Gaps of Music Students: A Study on Appealing to the Needs of All Students
  • Julia Allen, political science
    Hizballah's Member Retention Methods and the Role That Gender Plays
  • Chris Balog, chemistry
    Synthesis of Hydrogen through Catalysis of Precious Metal MOFs Supported on Graphene
  • Margaret Brown, biology
    Catalysis of Sodium Borohydride Using Copper and Silver Nanoparticles
  • Corbette Confit-Fox, theater
    Playing God: The Power of Creation in Frankenstein Through the Lens of Gender
  • Jessica Cropley, chemistry
    Use of Carbon Microspheres Decorated with Platinum and Palladium Nanoparticles for Hydrogen-Evolving Reaction in Varying Environmental Conditions
  • Hannah Hinkley, biology
    Bodies of Research: Psychological Reasoning Behind Donation of Body for Cadaveric Study and Dissection
  • Leah Johnson, biology
    Monitoring Metal Contaminants in Oysters in the Elizabeth River
  • Jessica King, sociology
    The History of Redlining and Housing Segregation in Newport News and Hampton, Virginia
  • Noah Mulligan, political science
    A Tangible Difference: Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, Sr., Rabbi Stephen Wise, and the Armenian Genocide
  • Ryo Murasaki, biology
    Utilizing Gene Prediction and Development of a Genomic Library to Conduct Fern Population Genetic Analysis
  • Megan Moran, biology
    Population Structure and Connectivity in Townsend's Big-Eared Bat
  • Brooke Nixon, information science, psychology
    The COVID-19 Crisis: Cross-Cultural Leadership Lessons from China, Italy, and the United States
  • Clifton Painter, political science
    Libyan Crisis Recharged: International Maneuvering Triggering Renewed Threats
  • Lauren Proulx, biology
    Ancient Anatomy: A Study in Art Technique and Anatomical Accuracy
  • Lucas Sharrett, biology
    Volatile Organic Compound Emissions and Floral Morphology of Three Species of Sexually Dimorphic Silene Differing in Pollinator Composition
  • Jakira Silas, sociology
    Doing "Diversity": College Instructors' Perceptions, Encounters, and Praxis Regarding Diversity and Inclusion on Campus and in the Classroom
  • Grant Wiley, philosophy
    Documenting a New Biblical Archaeological Site: Israel, 1887-2020
  • Kristen Ziccarelli, political science
    Exploring the Types of U.S. Diplomacy in the Argentinian Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy

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