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Spring 2020 Dean's List

High-achieving students recognized for excellent performance.

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Christopher Newport University is pleased to announce the Dean's List for the spring 2020 semester. These students were enrolled in at least 12 credit hours, earned no final grade below C and earned a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.0 scale.

First Name Last Name Major
Jack Aaron Psychology
Pamela Abel History
Emily Abrell Music
Taylor Adams Psychology
Mary Adams Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jill Adams Information Science
Jessica Adams Mathematics
Emily Adams Chemistry
Samantha Adams Sociology
Robert Adams Business-Undeclared
Sabrina Adleson Integrative Biology
Abigail Agi Neuroscience
Joshua Aguilar Organismal Biology
Ayesha Ahmed Political Science
Jacob Ahn Marketing
Alexa Alatis Communication Studies
Cooper Albright Biology
Alana Allbritton Computer Science
Jaylen Allen Neuroscience
Hannah Allen Computer Engineering
Julia Allen Political Science
Rachel Allen Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Grace Allen Finance
Rayan Alzarqa Computer Science
Elijah Anderson American Studies
Sean Anderson Economics-BA
Elijah Anderson Information Systems
Alex Anderson Management
Taylor Anderson Marketing
Isabel Ansley Psychology
Sarah Anstice Biology
Autumn Anthony Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alexander Anzick Finance
Nicole Apai Business-Undeclared
Rachel Applebach English
Lila Araujo Psychology
Gregory Arcand Information Science
Dominique Ardis English
Kaitlyn Ardrey Communication Studies
Itsail Arellano Economics-BA
Elliott Armstrong Electrical Engineering
Emily Armstrong Accounting
Robert Armstrong Computer Science
Parker Armstrong Marketing
Riya Arora Computer Science
Scott Arrington Political Science
Ariana Asefi Political Science
Abigail Asuncion Music
Vivianna Atkins Accounting
Katelyn Atkins Social Work
Casey Attallah Environmental Biology
Olivia Aumais Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Coby Auslander Business-Undeclared
Emma Avelis Theater
Natalie Avila Management
Kagen Axsom Business-Undeclared
Emily Aylor Sociology
Christopher Baer Political Science
Olyvia Bailey Sociology
Erin Bailey Fine Arts
Morgan Baines Psychology
Charles Baird Communication Studies
Jacqlyn Baker Communication Studies
Chloe Baker Communication Studies
Cody Baker Computer Engineering
Morgan Balaban Communication Studies
Tyler Baldwin Computer Science
Ethan Bales Management
Finnigan Balint Psychology
Mallory Ballance Psychology
Emma Ballantyne Communication Studies
Amanda Ballou Undeclared
Jasmine Banks Music
Amanda Banks Sociology
Holly Banta Psychology
Kyndal Barber Mathematics
Mildred Barcalow Environmental Biology
Brooke Bare Management
Ashley Barks Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Abigail Barna English
Christopher Barnes Psychology
Olivia Barnes Management
Alyssa Barnett Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
James Baron Computer Science
Paul Baron Computer Science
Samuel Barrett History
Peter Barrett Political Science
Blake Barrus Finance
Kathryn Barthelmes Communication Studies
Breanna Barthlow English
Julia Basauri Social Work
Jordan Bass Communication Studies
Elijah Basu English
Gretchen Bates Neuroscience
Adam Bates Computer Science
Aubrey Bates Political Science
Emily Bauer Management
Nicholas Bauernfeind Finance
Olivia Baugham Marketing
Courtney Bauserman English
Patrick Bauserman Neuroscience
Blake Bauserman Philosophy
Caitlyn Bauske Psychology
Sophia Baxter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julian Baxter Business-Undeclared
Logan Beal Psychology
Kaitlyn Beans Economics-BA
Kimberly Beasley Philosophy
Joshua Beck Computer Science
Camille Beck Undeclared
Arielle Becker Psychology
Desiree Becker Environmental Biology
Christian Beckmeyer Finance
Gabrielle Beddard Electrical Engineering
Andrew Bell Computer Science
Christopher Bell Mathematics
Jenny Belling Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sequoia Benhart Social Work
Ray Benjamin Information Science
Kaylie Bennett American Studies
Natalie Bennett Political Science
Kaylee Bennett Neuroscience
Chandler Benson Communication Studies
Sarah Benton Computer Science
Celia Berghoff Business-Undeclared
Abigail Berglie Mathematics
Elizabeth Bergman Sociology
Sydney Berman Psychology
Kendall Bernard Communication Studies
Daniel Berry Music
Kylee Berry Biology
Nazareth Bertrand Biology
Christopher Bethea Marketing
Davis Bethke Political Science
Chelsea Bhargava Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Inderjeet Bhatia Political Science
Erika Bilokon Applied Physics
Molly Birken Management
Sarah Bishop Finance
Cecilia Bisk Computer Science
Caroline Blair Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Cole Blais Psychology
Johnna Bland Political Science
Peyton Blanding Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tyler Blanks Political Science
Skyla Blansett Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nathan Blasdell Computer Science
Olivia Blatt Psychology
Carissa Blatt Biology
Peter Bleicken History
Jessica Blevins Undeclared
Kaitlynn Blevins Psychology
Rachel Blitt Accounting
Riley Block Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Miah Blockhus-Tortajada American Studies
Clara Bloedorn Philosophy
Michael Bloom History
Eric Blosser Political Science
Madelyn Blount Music
Sarah Blusiewicz Psychology
Bryan Boag American Studies
Alea Boden Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joshua Bodie Accounting
Madison Bodmer Psychology
Sarah Bodoh Neuroscience
Shannon Boerner History
Abigail Bogin Mathematics
Mac Kenzie Bohns Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Taylor Bolinger Psychology
Jennifer Bollinger Management
Gabrielle Bollinger Political Science
Thomas Bolton Applied Physics
Grayson Bond Management
Leslie Bond Undeclared
Christian Bonnaire Marketing
Nicholas Boone Theater
Tongase Booth Neuroscience
Ashley Booth-shoulders Psychology
Brooke Borchardt Social Work
Ana Borga Management
Nina Borgeson English
Sarah Borish Finance
Christina Bosco Communication Studies
Jaclyn Bosse Political Science
Eliza Boulware Accounting
Cristina Bournigal Psychology
Chester Boutelle Social Work
Jeannine Bowden Psychology
Mary Bowers Political Science
Catherine Bowling Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jacob Bowman Political Science
Eliza Bowman Biology
Christine Bowser Music
Sierra Boyce Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Elizabeth Boycourt Environmental Biology
Kaylee Boyd English
Trevor Boynton Theater
Katherine Bracken Psychology
Thomas Brackett Economics-BA
Michael Bradley Political Science
Hannah Bradley Political Science
Brett Bradshaw Biology
Samuel Brady Music
Haley Bragg Mathematics
Brittany Branch Communication Studies
Georgia Bransford Social Work
Grace Brantes-Wherry Fine Arts
Alexander Brendes Management
William Brennan Management
Jared Brennan Management
Alexandra Brenner Marketing
Kevin Brent Marketing
Maygan Brewer Computer Engineering
Kathleen Brewster Biology
Kalissa Breyer Accounting
Lauren Bridewell Management
Colin Brinkley History
Hannah Bristow Management
Asa Britton-Jenkins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Logan Brocklehurst Communication Studies
Elizabeth Brockwell Communication Studies
Mitchell Brody Finance
Ryan Bronder Business-Undeclared
Haleigh Brooks Communication Studies
Mary Brooks Management
Alexandria Brooks Political Science
Taylor Broset Integrative Biology
Seth Broughton Information Science
Allyson Brown Sociology
Austin Brown Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Dawson Brown Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hannah Brown Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jonelle Brown Spanish
Kelly Brown Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kendyll Brown Biology
West Brownlee Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Abigail Bruce Fine Arts
Julia Brunner Political Science
Leka Bucaj Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
John Buchanan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kayla Buchanan Neuroscience
Jacob Buchanan Applied Physics
Samantha Buchholz Marketing
Sydney Buckner Undeclared
Camille Bumbera Psychology
Colin Bunn Undeclared
Allison Burbach Environmental Biology
Margaret Burch Undeclared
Bradley Burgee Sociology
Ashley Burgess Political Science
Kayla Burke Organismal Biology
Colin Burke English
Molly Burke English
Lauren Burkholder Spanish
Amelia Burkley Theater
Jack Burnap Mathematics
Owen Burnett Management
Josephine Burns Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julia Burns Political Science
Elizabeth Burns Classical Studies
Campbell Burton Political Science
Michael Bush Political Science
Courtney Butterworth Environmental Studies
Margaret Byers Political Science
Raquel Byrd Sociology
Meaghan Byrne Psychology
Cristin Cade Integrative Biology
Andrew Cagle Finance
Ethan Caldwell Environmental Biology
Haley Caldwell Mathematics
Madison Callan Computer Engineering
Emma Callanan History
Samantha Callejas Political Science
Matthew Callihan Undeclared
Daniel Calvano Neuroscience
Kelley Calvin Sociology
Margaret Cameron Marketing
John Cameron Music
Charles Camp Communication Studies
Hannah Campbell History
Hayley Cantolino Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Capozzi Psychology
Emily Capriotti Psychology
Jake Caracciolo Environmental Studies
Jordan Caravas Biology
Savannah Carawan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kaylee Carico Environmental Studies
Eliza Carlson Sociology
Allene Carlton Accounting
Katherine Carnes Psychology
Brockton Carnes Computer Science
Raymond Carothers Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Elissa Carpio Fine Arts
Justin Carr History
Michael Carrico Communication Studies
Elyse Carrier Communication Studies
Nicholas Carrig Marketing
Erin Carroll Accounting
Samantha Carroll Business-Undeclared
Francis Carrow Accounting
Blake Carson Computer Science
Katherine Carter Communication Studies
Carlie Carter Psychology
Madison Carter Information Science
Samantha Carter Sociology
Cameron Carty Psychology
Sarah Casey Communication Studies
William Cashwell English
Maysie Casper Biology
Erin Cassidy Communication Studies
Carson Castelli American Studies
Camille Castleberry Political Science
Otso Castren Political Science
Michael Ceccarini Environmental Biology
Sean Celli Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Andrew Chafin Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Taylor Chambers English
Olivia Chan Psychology
Emily Chandler Fine Arts
Wesley Chang Computer Science
Christopher Chapin Theater
Christina Chapman Organismal Biology
Madelyn Chapman Environmental Studies
Spencer Charney Computer Science
Phyu Chaw Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jasleen Chawla Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emerald Cheesbrew Social Work
Sierra Chen Marketing
Jennifer Chernoff Management
Kevin Chesson Psychology
Madison Chestnut Psychology
Tivoli Chichester Psychology
Kayla Childers Marketing
Jackson Childress Finance
Christina Chinowsky Management
Nathaniel Cho Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mary Choi Neuroscience
Samith Chowdhury Electrical Engineering
Ashley Christenbury Mathematics
Sophia Christian Psychology
William Christian Electrical Engineering
Zachary Chung Marketing
Dominic Ciaverella American Studies
Nicole Cico Integrative Biology
Elyssa Cirillo Mathematics
Christopher Clancy Accounting
Conner Clark Accounting
Andrew Clark Finance
Miles Clark Finance
Kendall Clark Psychology
Jordan Clark Sociology
Annie Clarke Accounting
Madison Clarke English
Sydney Claud Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Courtney Clay Computer Engineering
Jodi Cleaver Sociology
Max Clemente Undeclared
Danielle Cleveland Neuroscience
Anika Clickener Communication Studies
Matthew Coats Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Cade Cobbs Organismal Biology
Caroline Coburn Undeclared
Hayden Cochran Political Science
Madison Cochran Marketing
Annelise Coffin Marketing
Trevor Cogan American Studies
Vincent Cohee Management
Lauren Colarossi History
Emma Colby Finance
Alyssa Cole Communication Studies
Christiana Cole Biochemistry
Destiny Coleman Management
Lance Coleman Management
Kathryn Colletti Business-Undeclared
John Collier Computer Science
Joshua Collier Electrical Engineering
Chloe Collins Psychology
Miles Collins Economics-BA
William Collins Finance
Sabrina Collins History
Bailee Comer Political Science
Alexis Comer Psychology
Corbette Condit-Fox Theater
Dane Conley Organismal Biology
Colum Conner American Studies
Lucas Conner History
Alec Conner Computer Science
Isabel Contreras Neuroscience
Abigail Contreras Computer Science
Courtney Conway Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Derek Cook Finance
Cameron Cook Finance
Riley Cook Psychology
Jonathan Cook Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Savannah Cook Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Rachel Cooke Economics-BA
Sarah Cooke Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kelly Cooke Environmental Biology
Sarah Coon Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Carson Cooper Management
Claira Cooper Political Science
Mitchell Copeland Accounting
Grant Cormany Organismal Biology
Jessica Cornett Sociology
Reagan Cosker Sociology
Eleanor Costic Communication Studies
Zoe Costley Accounting
Ciara Coward History
Shelby Cox Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Daniel Crabill Music
Madelaine Crabtree Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Landon Crafton Finance
Shelby Crahan Political Science
Nathanial Craner Accounting
Emily Crawford Psychology
Abby Crawford Biology
Hannah Crawley Psychology
Regan Craze Music
Adam Creason History
Rebecca Creekmore Political Science
Brianna Creger Fine Arts
Danielle Cressman Mathematics
Daniel Cretney Information Science
Luis Crevoisier Finance
Jillian Crews Neuroscience
Kristopher Crickenberger Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Keely Crittenden Biology
Peyton Cromley Psychology
Megan Crone Management
Jessica Cropley Biochemistry
Raahkema Cropper Psychology
Dylan Crosson Management
Elizabeth Crosson Communication Studies
Kaitlyn Crouch Psychology
Molly Croushore Psychology
Hannah Croyle Psychology
Emma Cumashot Neuroscience
John Cumbie Communication Studies
Brandon Cumbo English
Hayden Cunningham Applied Physics
Kylie Cunningham Sociology
Gabriel Cuprill Political Science
Sara Currin Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hannah Curry Political Science
Rachael Curtis Finance
Ieasa Custer Theater
Kendall Cutchins History
Tanner Dail Finance
Andrew Daisey Political Science
Juliana Dalton Psychology
Anna D'Amato Marketing
Makeisha Dance Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Caroline Daniels Psychology
Isabel Danstrom Neuroscience
Khalil Daoud Computer Science
Alesha Darling Psychology
Charles Darling Management
Kyle Darmstead Psychology
Lydia Davis American Studies
Cody Davis Theater
Olivia Davis Communication Studies
Riley Davis Psychology
Lauren Davis Psychology
William Davis Management
Rachel Davis Biology
Johnna Davis Neuroscience
Brandon Davis Marketing
Charlotte Davis Marketing
Alex Davis Information Science
Lucy Davis Psychology
Taylor Davis Business-Undeclared
Katelyn Davis Neuroscience
Michael Davis Finance
Kyndal Dawson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Connor Day Communication Studies
William Dealey American Studies
Anna Dean Communication Studies
Kayelon Dean Fine Arts
Catherine Deane Communication Studies
Kali DeBorde Psychology
Grant DeCastillia Computational & Applied Math
Tara Deck Social Work
Jared Decker Information Science
Brandon Decker Marketing
Nicolette DeFrank English
Kyle DeGood Management
Kaitlyn DeHarde Psychology
Natalie DeHart Sociology
Allison Dehoff Neuroscience
Nicholas DeHoust Philosophy
Brianna DeJesus Biology
Nicholas Delaney Communication Studies
Tessa Delano Psychology
Ali Deloye Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Reagan Delp Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Patrick DeMatties English
Max Dennard Finance
Alexis Denson Psychology
Wyatt DeProspero Business-Undeclared
Owen DeRaps Psychology
Adrianna DeSantis Neuroscience
Alexander Detorie Marketing
Alese Devin Neuroscience
Anna Devries Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Adrienne Dew Biochemistry
Delana Dewitt Russell Communication Studies
Erica Deyesu Environmental Biology
Isabella Diaz English
Malik Dickens History
Lindsey Dickens Mathematics
Olivia Dickens-Bowman Sociology
Samantha Dickerson Communication Studies
Samuel Dickinson Environmental Biology
Caitlin Diehl Marketing
Elizabeth Dillard Psychology
Graycen Dillard Mathematics
Alexandra Dilley Neuroscience
Nathaniel Dillow Communication Studies
Kaylin Dinsmore Theater
Michael DiRoberto Finance
Julia DiSilvestre Psychology
Matthew Dittmer Management
Emma Dixon Communication Studies
Isabella Diz Accounting
Viviane Doan Sociology
Kala Dobrick Political Science
Megan Dodson Management
Grace Doebler Neuroscience
Blake Doeren Mathematics
Shaye Doherty Accounting
Connor Dolan Computer Engineering
Paolina Doleva Computer Science
Lillian Domalik Marketing
Kane Donaghy Psychology
Desiree Doody Fine Arts
Amy Doody Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
James Doppee Computer Science
Anna Dorl Communication Studies
Jared Dorman Accounting
Ian Dors Management
Taylor Dorsey History
David Dougherty Accounting
Sarah Dowell Psychology
Jonah Downer Undeclared
Kyle Doyle Information Science
Caitlin Doyle Communication Studies
Zoey Doyle Psychology
Madison Dozier Psychology
Jacob Drayer Management
Thomas Driscoll Business-Undeclared
Timothy Dronfield Organismal Biology
Brian Drummond Biology
Emma Dryden Organismal Biology
Isabelle D'Souza Psychology
David Dube Political Science
Matthew Dubuque Finance
Nicole Duenke Sociology
Caroline Duffett Organismal Biology
James Duffy Environmental Studies
Regan DuHadway Environmental Biology
Christopher Duncan Psychology
Emmalyn Dunnavant Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hannah Duston Psychology
Alex Dutt Finance
Ella Dutt Finance
Lila Duvall Spanish
Ashley DuVall Social Work
Zoe Dyer Communication Studies
William Dzubak Information Science
Daniel Eads Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ryan Eakins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kendal Earley Environmental Biology
Owen Early Management
Brandon Edmond Information Science
Sarah Edmonds Environmental Biology
John Edmunds Management
Paul Edmunds Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Megan Ednie Marketing
Taylor Edwards Applied Physics
Ashlyn Edwards Chemistry
Clark Edwards Marketing
Karli Edwards Biology
Jonathan Egelhofer Political Science
Charles Egress Accounting
Haley Eiser Mathematics
Hannah Elford Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tatiana Elizarova Biochemistry
Adalynn Eller Music
Sophia Ellia Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Elizabeth Ellis Neuroscience
Christopher Ellis Biochemistry
Charles Ellis Management
Forrest Ellis Political Science
Samantha Ellis Psychology
Connor Elsbernd Neuroscience
William Elvgren Finance
Ahmed Elzamzami Biochemistry
Mara Engels Psychology
Carter Eppley Management
Madison Erb Finance
Stephanie Erdmann Fine Arts
Madelynn Erickson Psychology
Caroline Ernst English
Jannis Ernst Political Science
Andrea Errico Environmental Studies
Diana Eshun Neuroscience
Chandler Eskey Computer Engineering
Enjhalika Esmena Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julian Esquer-Perez Management
Samuel Essex Communication Studies
Casey Estep Information Systems
Aaron Eubanks Information Science
Spencer Evans Information Science
Lindsey Evans Biology
Madeline Evans Undeclared
Ryan Evans Management
Markos Eyob Finance
Elizabeth Fabiano Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Rana Fadah Biochemistry
Owen Fagerli Information Science
Corinne Fair Computer Engineering
Nic Falcione Computer Science
Lauren Fallon Business-Undeclared
Ashlynn Falls English
Sondra Fan Finance
Jessica Farhan Psychology
Aaron Farkas Communication Studies
Asia Farmer Psychology
Emma Farrar Fine Arts
Mikaela Farrugia Computational & Applied Math
Braelin Fauber Neuroscience
Mark Faulcon Organismal Biology
Liana Favale Psychology
Gabrielle Fay-O'Hara Neuroscience
Hannah Feeken Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ian Fein History
Luke Ferguson Political Science
Haley Ferguson Environmental Biology
Luke Fernandez Biochemistry
Kara Ferner Applied Physics
Allison Ferris History
Madison Ferris Theater
Gabriela Ferrone Business-Undeclared
Payton Fiel Undeclared
Courtney Fiest Communication Studies
Julia Filacchione Psychology
Jacob Filipponi Sociology
Jaiquan Findley Accounting
Samantha Firesheets Accounting
Nicholas Fischer Political Science
Jack Fisher Economics-BA
Sarah Fistner Management
Holly Fitzgerald Sociology
Allison Fitzwater Psychology
Lyric Flamm Sociology
Kayla Flanagan Psychology
Evan Flatt Communication Studies
Melody Fleming Psychology
Elena Flester Neuroscience
Alexandra Fletcher Psychology
Regan Flieg Philosophy
Daniel Flood Business-Undeclared
Angelica Florendo Neuroscience
Claire Flores Political Science
Caitlyn Floyd Chemistry
Emily Flynn History
Forest Flynn Political Science
Danielle Forand Political Science
Scott Forbes Economics-BA
Abbey Forde Communication Studies
Elizabeth Forget Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kayla Forosisky Neuroscience
Olivia Forry Communication Studies
Holly Foster Economics-BA
Jessica Foster Marketing
Zoe Fowler Classical Studies
Elijah Fox American Studies
Jamie Fox Psychology
Gabrielle Fox Accounting
Brian Fox Business-Undeclared
Joshua Foye Communication Studies
Natalie Frampton Psychology
Ashley Francis Psychology
Lilleen Rochelle Franck Biochemistry
Isabel Franks Undeclared
Laura Frazee English
Melissa Frazier Psychology
Keegan Fredrick Political Science
Sawyer Freeland Computer Engineering
Alexander Freeman Finance
Danielle Freeman Management
Abigail Freidline Organismal Biology
Ahmad Frej Management
Rebecca Frey Psychology
Lorenz Joseph Frias Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Stephanie Friedman Marketing
Emma Friedmann Psychology
Hunter Frields Computer Science
Evan Frischkorn Political Science
Nicole Fritz Classical Studies
Dana Fulcher Psychology
Hannah Fulk Communication Studies
Logan Funk Finance
Dayana Fyulep Political Science
Anna Gaegler Communication Studies
Lauren Gagliardone Political Science
Nicole Galang Psychology
Christina Galbraith Psychology
Marissa Gallagher Biology
Cole Gallaudet Psychology
Madison Gant Psychology
Breeana Gant Information Science
Shreya Ganta Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katherine Gaouette Accounting
Alexis Gaouette Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Susannah Garber Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Akira Garcia Computational & Applied Math
Isabella Garcia Psychology
Kimberly Garlem History
MacKenzie Garner Psychology
Whitney Garrett Spanish
Rachel Garrett Biology
Shanyla Garris Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Riley Garrison Psychology
Carter Garrison Finance
Ashby Garst Communication Studies
Claire Garster Psychology
Jordan Garza Psychology
Sarah Gaston Psychology
Gwendolyn Gattermeir Chemistry
Sloan Gearhart Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Davis Gee Political Science
Brock Geiman Accounting
William Geisler Neuroscience
Kayla Geller Psychology
Benjamin Gendell Electrical Engineering
Caylie Gendreau English
Mallory Gentry Psychology
Olivia Georgi English
Emily Gfrerer Psychology
Tyler Giarratana Finance
Daniel Gibson American Studies
Hannah Gilbertson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tyler Gillespie Management
Sabrina Gillis Fine Arts
Nathan Gillispie Management
Noah Gillispie Accounting
Graciela Gimpel Psychology
Kara Giuliani Psychology
Katie Glemzu Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Peter Glenn Computer Science
Jenell Glover Integrative Biology
Katie Glover Political Science
Emily Goddin Chemistry
Anna Goehner Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jillian Goff Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katherine Goida Neuroscience
Molly Goldberg Psychology
Sarah Goldsmith Neuroscience
Lauren Goldsmith Accounting
David Gonzalez History
Cesar Gonzalez Engelhard Chemistry
Eric Good History
Grace Goode Marketing
Grace Goodley Communication Studies
Colin Goodpasture English
Bently Goodwin Business-Undeclared
Olivia Gookin Neuroscience
Eli Goossens Philosophy
Srinidhi Gopal Biology
Arianna Gordon Marketing
Makena Gormley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
David Grace Biology
Ramon Graham Fine Arts
Caroline Grass Theater
Sara Gravely Communication Studies
Gabriel Gravini Music
Molly Gray Biology
Kirsten Gray Biochemistry
Brian Greeley Computer Science
Kiana Green Theater
Shannon Green Psychology
Ashley Green Finance
Trevaun Green Business-Undeclared
Angel Gregory Neuroscience
Alyssa Gregory Psychology
McLeary Grey Finance
Christiana Grgurovich Biochemistry
Lindsey Gries English
Evan Grimsley Undeclared
Victoria Grissom Communication Studies
Jessica Grohler Marketing
Hayley Groover Neuroscience
Hunter Grubb Business-Undeclared
Jillian Gruta Undeclared
Nihal Guennouni Environmental Biology
Hannah Guinther Political Science
Noah Guion Psychology
Yimin Guo Finance
Anna Gustavus Psychology
Brynna Gyuricsko Organismal Biology
Marguerite Haas Psychology
Qirsten Hagans Social Work
Angela Haggard History
Natalie Hairfield Accounting
Bryce Hairston French
Emilia Hajec Theater
Anne Hajost Communication Studies
Rachel Haley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Anne Haley Computer Science
Meegan Hall Communication Studies
Savannah Hall Biology
Catherine Hall Neuroscience
Alma Hall Psychology
Katie Hall Political Science
Anna Hall Social Work
Samuel Hallaren Management
Kristin Halter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mariam Hammad Neuroscience
Raleigh Hampson English
Rachel Hanback Social Work
Joseph Hancock Computer Science
Callie Hancock Biology
Noah Haney Applied Physics
Makayla Hanna Neuroscience
Taryn Hannam-Zatz Communication Studies
Jasmine Hanson Accounting
Zachary Hanway Business-Undeclared
Jessica Haravay Psychology
Rebecca Hardesty Biology
MacKenzie Hardesty Sociology
Ashley Hardin Psychology
Katelyn Hark Psychology
Emery Harlan Neuroscience
Brittany Harmon Psychology
Hannah Harrelson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Shemar Harrington Information Science
Liam Harrington Accounting
Reece Harris Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hanna Harris Psychology
Ebony Harris Psychology
Nathaniel Harris Political Science
William Harris Finance
Kaylee Harris Psychology
Nehemiah Harris Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Monica Harris Accounting
Lynae Harris Philosophy
Rhyan Harrison Philosophy
Anna Harrison Social Work
Talia Harrison Biology
Benjamin Harrison Marketing
David Harrop Economics-BA
Kayli Harshbarger Spanish
Nicholas Hart Finance
Hannah Hart Psychology
Emily Hart Political Science
Lauren Hart Undeclared
Carly Hartel Political Science
Christian Harter Communication Studies
Kyle Hartigan Environmental Studies
Mary Hartnett Communication Studies
Duncan Harvey Economics-BA
Tanner Hawk Applied Physics
Sydney Hawk Psychology
Danielle Hawkins Psychology
William Hayden Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
William Hayden Fine Arts
Lucas Hayes History
Caroline Hayes Mathematics
Timothy Haynal Finance
Jessica Hazlett Biology
Kelly Hazzard Political Science
Kayla Hearl Psychology
Madison Heath Biology
Maria Hedspeth Communication Studies
Riley Heerbrandt Neuroscience
Brianna Heflin English
Elizabeth Heier Social Work
Abigail Heimbach Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ian Heinle Psychology
Lauryn Heistrom Psychology
Marilyn Hekrdle Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Marylee Helbling Marketing
Isabella Heller Sociology
Caroline Helmer Management
Michael Hemmer Neuroscience
Kyra Hemrich English
Ryan Henderson Computer Science
Shannon Hendricks Organismal Biology
Scott Hendricks Management
Shane Hendricks Electrical Engineering
Erin Hendrix Communication Studies
Aidan Henning Business-Undeclared
Shaun Henry Theater
Mary Hensley Theater
Ashley Herbig Undeclared
Alicia Herget Management
Amanda Herget Psychology
Zachary Herink Psychology
Ryan Hermosilla Electrical Engineering
Samantha Hernandez Fine Arts
David Herold Communication Studies
John Herrmann Environmental Biology
Victoria Herrold Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jake Herzog Sociology
Victoria Hester Management
Anna Hester Psychology
Emily Hewett Social Work
Kyle Hicken Accounting
Katherine Hicks Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kaitlyn Higgins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kyra Higgins Management
William High Marketing
Janessa Hill Psychology
Ashley Hiltabrand Biochemistry
Atkinson Hilton Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Morgan Hines Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jordan Hines Computational & Applied Math
Carson Hines Management
Garrett Hines Biochemistry
Alexandra Hinkey Mathematics
Alissa Hinz Political Science
Sabrina Ho Neuroscience
Duncan Hoag English
Yen Nhi Hoang Biology
Sarah Hobbs English
Micaelah Hodge Sociology
Bailey Hodges Management
Elizabeth Hodges Spanish
Katherine Hodges Management
Daniel Hodges History
Brayden Hodges Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Whitney Hodges Accounting
Alexandra Hoebeke Management
Madison Hoecker Computational & Applied Math
Bruce Hoffman Political Science
Caleb Hoffman Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Theodore Hoffmann Political Science
Hallie Hofherr Philosophy
Hannah Hogan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Isabel Hogg Political Science
Cory Hogge Finance
Kyle Hohmann History
Jason Holder Communication Studies
Madeline Holladay Psychology
Benjamin Hollar History
Lillian Holley Neuroscience
Jack Holmes Finance
Meredith Holt Organismal Biology
Morgan Hood Accounting
Olivia Hooe Management
Madison Hool Communication Studies
Jasmine Hopkins Marketing
Lucas Hoppenjans Business-Undeclared
Alexandra Horan Communication Studies
Madeline Horstman Fine Arts
Julia Horton Undeclared
Kyan HoSang Psychology
Nathan Hotes American Studies
Brandi Houck Psychology
Shiloh Houseworth Accounting
Hannah Howerton Integrative Biology
Caitlyn Hoy Sociology
Melina Hoyos Psychology
Johanna Huber English
Nathan Hubinger Mathematics
Lauren Hudgins Sociology
Alexandria Huffer English
Margaret Hughes Psychology
Chelsea Hughes Sociology
Daniel Hulett Finance
Mary Humes Communication Studies
Hannah Humphries Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tyler Huneycutt Political Science
Virginia Hunter English
Hope Hunter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joseph Hunter Psychology
Earl Hurley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joshua Husby Political Science
Kelsey Hutchison Communication Studies
Danyale Hutson Psychology
Charis Hutton Marketing
Cynthia Huynh Psychology
David Hyatt Management
Kellie Hyde Management
Christina Hyland Management
Julia Iapicca Undeclared
Ryan Ibarguen Management
Sebastian Ilagan Finance
Ilmina Ilyar Accounting
Amanda Imthurn Management
Kathryn Ingalls Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emily Ingledue Fine Arts
William Ingram Business-Undeclared
Michael Innacelli Communication Studies
Jessica Irving English
Ashley Irving Sociology
Riley Isom Psychology
Elise Ivory Sociology
Katherine Iwanski Environmental Studies
Valencia Izquierdo Psychology
Hannah Jackson American Studies
Zatyra Jackson Communication Studies
Sarah Jackson English
Devin Jackson Management
Clara Jacobson Psychology
Veronika Jacobson Psychology
Holly Jacobson Psychology
Kyle Jacoby Information Science
Ryan Jaekle Finance
Natalee Jamerson Psychology
Benjamin James Psychology
Jordan James Sociology
Danielle Jansen Theater
Austin Jarvis Music
Taylor Jarvis Computer Science
Krista Jasak Neuroscience
Alexander Jedlick Business-Undeclared
Sheena Jegar Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Thomas Jenkins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nikole Jenkins Communication Studies
Michael Jenkins Political Science
Nina Jenkins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madeleine Jenkins Neuroscience
Mikayla Jenkins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kyla Jenkins Biology
Angelica Jennings Management
Eric Jennings Computer Science
Alexa Jeremiah Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Rachel Jett Marketing
Caleb Jett Business-Undeclared
Mary Jobe Psychology
Amanda Johnson Organismal Biology
Cooper Johnson Finance
Bridgit Johnson English
Braden Johnson Political Science
John Johnson Computer Science
Kyle Johnson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Bryan Johnson Psychology
Anna Johnson Social Work
Emma Johnson Undeclared
Leah Johnson Chemistry
Kaylee Johnson Sociology
Miranda Johnson Undeclared
Creid Johnson Electrical Engineering
Madison Johnson Computer Engineering
Sophia Johnston Computer Science
Annamarie Jones Communication Studies
Cydnee Jones Political Science
Mackenzi Jones Psychology
Kaylee Jones English
Stephanie Jones Integrative Biology
Colin Jones English
Cassandra Jones Political Science
Sarah Jones Neuroscience
Maria Jones Theater
Kimberly Jordan Communication Studies
John Jordan Computer Engineering
Caitlyn Joseph Psychology
Michael Josephson Finance
Emily Judson Environmental Studies
Tyler Jumper Computer Science
Anna Junkins Social Work
Alexa Jury Fine Arts
Camille Kaiser English
Gabrielle Kaiser Neuroscience
Nitya Kalidindi Theater
Dahria Kalmbach Environmental Biology
Kayla Kamper Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Kane Psychology
Hannah Kane Management
Yuhka Kaneda Business-Undeclared
Benjamin Kann Marketing
Lin Karam Economics-BA
Emily Karn Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Brad Karner Communication Studies
Tyler Karol Computer Science
Nicholas Karpiak Psychology
Amber Kasaci American Studies
Daniel Kasrai Information Science
Alexis Kasuda Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Claire Kauffman Sociology
Jonathan Kaufman Information Systems
Gabriella Kayal Neuroscience
Christiane Kayal Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Claire Kearney Political Science
Shane Kearney Management
Paul Kearney Accounting
Evan Kearney Business-Undeclared
Kaiya Keckler Music
Tucker Keener Political Science
Sydney Keesee Marketing
Robert Kelleher English
Julian Robert Kelly Political Science
Morgan Kelso Music
Shelby Kemeny Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Noah Kennedy Communication Studies
Benjamin Kennell Biochemistry
Benjamin Kerns Management
Kira Kerr Theater
William Kessler Music
Aidan Keverline Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emily Key Communication Studies
Alexis Khuu Neuroscience
Abigael Khuu Psychology
Matthew Kidd Business-Undeclared
Emmylou Kidder Integrative Biology
Kinsey Kidder Social Work
Cassidy Kiel Finance
Alyse Kiersey Communication Studies
Michael Kilcoyne History
Ryan Kilduff Political Science
Riley Killian Environmental Biology
Jessica Kilmer Neuroscience
Judiclaire Kinerney Communication Studies
Sydney King Philosophy
Jasmine King Management
Max King Business-Undeclared
Jessica King Sociology
Ashlyn Kinnaman Neuroscience
Austin Kirby Finance
Robert Kirby Marketing
Kiana Kirkland Wanzer Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Amanda Kirkpatrick Management
Margaret Kirkpatrick Sociology
Connor Kirley Management
Rebecca Kiser Communication Studies
Christopher Kiser Economics-BA
Kaitlyn Kitchen Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Avery Kitchens Computer Engineering
Alexis Kittelstad Undeclared
Ja'Cori Kittrell Finance
Timothy Klimchock Finance
Luke Kline Accounting
Erin Kline Mathematics
Megan Kloppman Marketing
Emma Klubertanz Business-Undeclared
Kyle Knachel Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emily Knode Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Walker Knott Business-Undeclared
Emily Knowles Social Work
Taylor Knowles Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Maxwell Knowlton Political Science
Esther Kocka Sociology
Alexandra Koehler Management
Jared Koenig Computer Science
Dakota Koenig Accounting
Spencer Koger Communication Studies
Joshua Kolba Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Koller Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nathan Kolling Mathematics
Mason Kolls Finance
Joshitha Kongari Biochemistry
Sara Koochagian Mathematics
Caroline Koon Neuroscience
Ariana Kopf Spanish
Elizabeth Koses Psychology
Kyleigh Koster Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katie Kozlowski Psychology
Lauren Kratzer Psychology
Kendall Krause Marketing
Joseph Kriviski Information Science
Zachary Krygiel Political Science
Thomas Kueser Computer Science
Caden La Duke Political Science
Sophia LaBell Psychology
Dominic Lacombe Accounting
Panagiotis Lagos Management
Alexandra Lagos Theater
Taylor Lambert Psychology
Samantha Lambiase Sociology
Allison Landergan Political Science
Hunter Lang Political Science
Levi Langolf Music
Nicholas Lanham Information Systems
Monica Lannen Management
Javonna Lansdown Psychology
Brett LaPlante American Studies
Alexis Laplante Integrative Biology
Sean LaRochelle Computer Science
James Larsen Finance
Benjamin Larsen Undeclared
Ethan Larson History
Paula Latham Mathematics
Megan Lau Neuroscience
Madison Laughlin Business-Undeclared
Brenna Lawrence Finance
Logan Lawson Computational & Applied Math
Audrey Lawton Computer Science
Elizabeth Laxton Sociology
Leah Laycock Fine Arts
Janet Lazewski Marketing
Lamson Le Biochemistry
Emily Learn Psychology
Sean Leary History
Nathan Leas Economics-BA
David Leavitt Political Science
Kristina Lee Psychology
Caroline Lee Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sydney Lee Management
Jessica Lee Sociology
Justin Lee Sociology
Michelle Legan Psychology
James Lehman Music
Charles Leich Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Gretchen Leich Spanish
Sophia Leichtentritt Management
Shane Leigh Computer Science
Catherine Leighty Communication Studies
Adam LeKang Theater
Rebecca Leman Psychology
Lauren Lemelin Communication Studies
Stephanie LeRoy Psychology
Oliver Lesjak Finance
Madison Lester Chemistry
Katrina Letter Management
Nyla Lewis American Studies
Elizabeth Lewis Psychology
Rebecca Lewis Undeclared
Zoe Light Political Science
Elizabeth Lilliston Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tisha Lim Management
Kisha Lim Social Work
Vanessa Lin Biochemistry
Katherine Lindahl Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Evelyn Lindeman Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hannah Lindenblad Spanish
Brannon Linder Theater
Jacob Lindner English
Destiny Lindsay Sociology
Eric Lingebach Marketing
Arianna Lipton Neuroscience
Jack Little Theater
David Livermon American Studies
Tatiana Loarca History
Christina Lobosco Communication Studies
Rachel Locke History
Camerin Lockey Accounting
Kyra Locklear Psychology
Skylar Lockleay Neuroscience
Nafeesa Lodi Neuroscience
Anna Lombardo Psychology
Noah Long Theater
Joshua Long Economics-BA
Morgan Long Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Chloe Long Environmental Biology
Leah Longo Marketing
Emily Louis Music
Gillian Love Biochemistry
Amanda Lovelace Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Coleman Lowder Biochemistry
Jessica Lowe Sociology
Anna Lowery History
Colin Lowrance Marketing
Anh Lu Accounting
Taylor Lucas Communication Studies
Corinne Lucas Psychology
Nicolas Luciano-Carson Accounting
Kelly Luetkenhaus Political Science
Adam Luncher Business-Undeclared
Harper Lurie Management
Mark Luther American Studies
Rylea Lutz Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Roger Lutz Electrical Engineering
Zachary Luyo Neuroscience
Jack Lynam Computer Engineering
Peyton Lynch Social Work
Marlee Lynn Psychology
Nicole Lynskey Management
Emily Lyon Applied Physics
Brendan Lyons Finance
Bradley Lytle Electrical Engineering
Joel Mabalot Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Justin Mabry Marketing
John MacEwen Environmental Biology
Zachary Mackenzie American Studies
Ryan Macy Accounting
Kathryn Madison Sociology
Steven Maggiolo Economics-BA
Niall Mahaney Finance
Jane Mahler Biochemistry
Erin Mahoney History
Emily Majchrowitz Communication Studies
Madeline Malnight Psychology
Christopher Maly Economics-BA
Pramod Mamillapalli Computer Science
Nicholas Mangano Management
Alexi Manley Psychology
Nicole Mann Psychology
Kyle Mann Management
Benjamin Manon Accounting
Rachel Many Neuroscience
Robert Marchetti Business-Undeclared
Elaina Marcucci Neuroscience
Ashley Marino Accounting
Sofia Marino Biology
Thomas Mark Finance
Nathaniel Markee Computer Science
Margret Markley Environmental Studies
Austin Marks Electrical Engineering
Matthew Marois Finance
Anthony Marovelli English
William Mars Computer Science
Kirsten Marsell Management
Carson Marshall Finance
James Marshall Mathematics
Emma Marston Sociology
Victoria Martin Spanish
Gabrielle Martin Psychology
Ethan Martin Accounting
Lauren Martin Management
Alec Martin Spanish
Steven Martin Philosophy
Marissa Martin Management
Eleanor Martin Accounting
Jean Martin Social Work
Meghan Martin English
Sarah Martin Biology
Mikaela Martinez Dettinger Philosophy
Michael Martorano Management
Reagan Mason Organismal Biology
Amaya Mason English
William Mason Political Science
Jessica Masterson Mathematics
Kristen Mathews Political Science
Patrick Matsko Communication Studies
Liesl Mattar Communication Studies
Elias Mattar Accounting
Malory Matty Psychology
Evangelia Maurakis Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alyssa May Marketing
Hannah Mayr Management
Elizabeth Mazzello Psychology
Serena Mazzurco Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Liam McAllister Finance
Robyn McArthur Psychology
Laura McAuliffe Psychology
Laura McAvoy Psychology
Emily McCaffrey Marketing
William McCain Finance
David McClaugherty Finance
Cameron McClenahan Political Science
Peyton McClure Political Science
Daniel McCollum English
Emma McConnell Psychology
Nicholas McCormick Biochemistry
Megan McCoy Theater
Hanna McCune Political Science
Bryson McDaniel Finance
Jillian McDonald Psychology
Olivia McDowell Political Science
Mara McFadden Psychology
Emily McGinness Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joellyn McGlamery English
Erin McGovern Neuroscience
Ashley McHenry Psychology
Allison McIntyre Psychology
Jeffrey McKaig Computational & Applied Math
Grace McKane Management
Lauren McKeel Accounting
Matthew McKeon Political Science
Mitchell McKeon Political Science
Kelly McKinney Communication Studies
John McKisson Computer Engineering
Sydney McKnight Biochemistry
Liam McKnight Computer Science
Timothy McLaughlin Communication Studies
Liam McLaurin English
Kiley McLeroy Political Science
Ashley McMillan Communication Studies
Joshua McMillan Communication Studies
Andrew McNeill Computer Science
Megan McNutt Political Science
Maria McQuade Management
Chance McQuaid Electrical Engineering
Alexander Meade Environmental Biology
Julianne Meader Computational & Applied Math
Jenna Meadows Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kathryn Meadows Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sean Meehan Marketing
Carlos Mendoza-Rivera Biochemistry
Vir Menon History
Ashley Mentz Marketing
Julia Merritt Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Noah Mertes Management
Maura Meservey Political Science
Joy Messina Sociology
Carol Metten Accounting
Sarah Mettille Psychology
Margaret Metts Music
Ella Metzger Integrative Biology
Meredith Meyer Psychology
Alyssa Meyer Accounting
Logan Meyers Marketing
Savanna Meyers Management
Mariah Michael Mathematics
Jessica Michaels Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Michalec Psychology
Johnathan Middleton Computer Science
Jenna Miladin Environmental Biology
Kali Milazzo English
Rachael Milburn Organismal Biology
Samantha Milchenski Psychology
Hannah Miles Music
Eleanor Miley Information Science
Madalyn Millen Computer Science
Noel Miller Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Calvin Miller Accounting
Eric Miller Environmental Biology
Jackson Miller Computational & Applied Math
Jonathan Miller Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emily Miller Social Work
Emma Miller Social Work
Anna Miller Biochemistry
Andrew Miller Finance
Davidson Miller Psychology
Erica Miller Management
Cierra Miller Wilson Psychology
Erin Mills Psychology
Trinity Mills Environmental Studies
Leslie Mills Psychology
Samantha-Lynn Miner Finance
Olivia Minnick Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
George Minnigerode Computer Science
Erika Mirkay Organismal Biology
Victoria Miro Psychology
Audrey Mishler Psychology
Benjamin Mitchell Mathematics
Caroline Mitchell Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lara Mitchell Sociology
Bethany Mizelle Environmental Biology
Ashleigh Mock Integrative Biology
Kara Modecki History
Colston Moder Accounting
Nicole Molnar Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mark Molnar Information Science
John Monelly Neuroscience
Stephen Monick History
Daniel Monroe Psychology
Lee Ann Monteiro Theater
Logan Montel Communication Studies
Lindsay Montgomery Business-Undeclared
Meghan Moon Communication Studies
Wyatt Moon Economics-BA
Cedar Moore Theater
Andrew Moore Marketing
Meagan Moore Biology
Erica Moore Biochemistry
Russell Moore Information Science
Jordan Moore Social Work
Rachel Moore Chemistry
Sydney Moore Business-Undeclared
Micaela Moran Communication Studies
Marielena Moran Neuroscience
Connor Moran Computer Science
Malcolm Morgan Finance
Melanie Morgan English
Matthew Morhiser English
Sophie Morley Political Science
Nicholas Morris Environmental Biology
Brooke Morris Finance
Julia Morris Marketing
Rachel Morrison History
April Morrison Information Systems
Meagan Morrison Theater
Tanisha Morton Political Science
Laura Moss Psychology
Wren Moss Undeclared
Megan Moulton English
Elizabeth Moyer Environmental Biology
Anthony Muldoon History
Abigail Muller Psychology
Noah Mulligan History
Charlotte Mullins Psychology
Ryo Murasaki Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katie Murphy Theater
Meghan Murphy Finance
Mackenzie Murray Management
Shannon Musante Psychology
Christopher Myers History
Michaela Nadeau Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Avery Naperala Environmental Biology
Rose Napolitano Organismal Biology
Katrina Napora Environmental Biology
Nicholas Napora Computer Science
Kimberly Nardi Neuroscience
Lindsey Narney Communication Studies
Taylor Nattress Psychology
Saiarjun Nekkanti Neuroscience
Charles Nelson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Grace Nelson Mathematics
Lillian Nelson Biology
Cecelia Nerantzis Marketing
Sarah Newell English
Samuel Newfield Computer Science
Sophie Newhouse Neuroscience
Margrete Newman Psychology
Rebecca Newman Music
Austin Newman Political Science
Graham Newman Chemistry
Jennifer Newton Psychology
Julia Ng Finance
Tien Ngo-Tran Neuroscience
Zenith Nguon Marketing
Andrew Nguyen Computer Science
Kevin Nguyen Information Systems
Ryan Nicol History
Andrew Nicolaus Marketing
Dejah Niles-Bogger Psychology
Nicolette Nitis Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Andrew Nix Political Science
Anna Nix Political Science
Brooke Nixon Information Science
Joelle Nkwantchoa Toundji Finance
Adelyn Noble Mathematics
Kailyn Noble Neuroscience
Zoe Nonnemacker Psychology
Stephen Noone Business-Undeclared
Taylor Nordike English
Emily Norman Mathematics
Nicholas Norman Management
Jasmine Norman Psychology
Connor Norris Information Systems
Mackenzie Nowak Communication Studies
Andrew Noyes Environmental Studies
Alexander Nyikos Chemistry
Zaria Oates Communication Studies
Patrick Ocheltree Computer Science
Carly O'Connor Psychology
Kathryn O'Connor Undeclared
Conor O'Dea Political Science
Thomas O'Dell Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alexa O'Donnell Jones Political Science
Jordan Oglesby Marketing
Cameron Ogren Economics-BA
Patricia Ohanian Economics-BA
Emily Ohrmund Marketing
Logan O'Leary Computer Engineering
Aubrey Olsen Neuroscience
Nicholas Olsen Information Science
Hayden Olsen Applied Physics
Gabrielle O'Neal Neuroscience
Leah O'Neill Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madden O'Neill Marketing
Amanda Onofrio Communication Studies
Kiya Opstrup Environmental Studies
McKayla Opstrup Biology
Abigail Oren Accounting
Nathan Ormsby Applied Physics
Liam Orr Political Science
Morgan Orr Social Work
Katherine Orrison Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Naijani Ortiz Medina English
Sydney Osborne Psychology
Jamie Oulton Information Science
Andrew Ours Management
Ayanna Outing Management
Grace Overman Neuroscience
Jaron Overton Fine Arts
Duncan Owen Communication Studies
Brian Owens Marketing
Noah Owens Marketing
Clara Page English
Zoe Page Finance
Clifton Painter Economics-BA
Madeline Painter Marketing
Sierra Palian Undeclared
Nicole Palmieri American Studies
Celina Paoletta Chemistry
Emily Pappalardo Neuroscience
Adam Paquette Economics-BA
Thomas Parisi Finance
Jessica Parker Neuroscience
Emma Parker Communication Studies
William Parker Finance
Ariel Parks Neuroscience
Nicolaus Parks Neuroscience
Taylor Parks Management
Victoria-Jessica Partin Biology
Allison Pasmanik Marketing
Michael Patel Applied Physics
Jada Patterson Psychology
Anna Patterson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alexandria Patterson Mathematics
Kayla Pauley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katherine Paulikonis Psychology
Kristine Paulikonis Biology
Rachel Pavel Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Adam Paymer Biology
Madison Payne Undeclared
Mariah Payne Psychology
Kihalani Payton Management
Leah Pazda Psychology
Patrick Pearce Neuroscience
Jordan Pearson Communication Studies
Colleen Pechin Theater
Allan Pedin Computer Science
Hannah Pell Psychology
Lydia Perez-Reyes Psychology
Channing Perkins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jonah Peters Fine Arts
Hunter Petrakis Business-Undeclared
Gabrielle Petrone Undeclared
Zachary Petruso Marketing
Chandler Pettus Theater
Spencer Petty-Kane Finance
Elaina Pfannkuch Psychology
Stephanie Pham Sociology
Thinh Phan Computer Science
Erin Phillips Chemistry
Lance Phillips Information Systems
Nicklas Phillips Neuroscience
Joshua Phillips Psychology
Alyssa Phipps Political Science
Erika Picard Psychology
Casey Picard Psychology
Kelsey Picchianti Neuroscience
Stephen Pierce English
Justin Piercy Information Systems
Grant Pierson Computer Science
Natalie Pietro Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mark Pilipczuk Finance
Jonathan Pilsch Mathematics
Laila Pirnazar Management
Scott Pisarcik Information Science
Madison Pittman Psychology
Benjamin Pitts Finance
Rachel Pitts Psychology
Libby Piver Applied Physics
Anna Plaia Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Samantha Plesce Electrical Engineering
Shea Plocharczyk Information Science
Alicia Plumlee Psychology
Sarah Poarch Psychology
Kristina Poff Psychology
Thomas Pogreba Accounting
Abigail Pogreba Undeclared
Moriah Poliakoff American Studies
Thomas Pollack Neuroscience
James Pollard Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julia Pond Undeclared
Daniel Ponton Communication Studies
Sarah Poole Theater
Nicole Pope Marketing
Liam Porter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joshua Porter Integrative Biology
Lauren Porter Biochemistry
Medelly Post Theater
Kiersten Potter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sarah Potter Psychology
Zachary Potts Computer Engineering
Katie Powell History
Seth Powers Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Vanessa Powers Fine Arts
Jordan Powers Psychology
Campbell Pozin Finance
Madison Pozner Social Work
Samantha Prestia Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Graham Price Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Morgan Pridgen Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Skyler Prieto History
Sarah Prince Marketing
Mary Pritchard Undeclared
Sarah Proctor Communication Studies
Nicholas Prokos History
Lauren Proulx Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Dylan Pruitt Computer Science
Natalie Prye Psychology
Abigail Puckett Political Science
Evan Pugh Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jordyn Pugh Biochemistry
Maya Purcell Environmental Biology
Sophia Qreitem Business-Undeclared
Nii-Boi Quartey Applied Physics
Nii-Kwartei Quartey Computer Science
Logan Quinn Business-Undeclared
Jacqueline Quint Psychology
Anna Quinto Environmental Biology
Naomi Rader Psychology
Kathryn Rader Undeclared
Colin Rae Biochemistry
Riley Rafterry-Lee Political Science
Magdalena Ralston Psychology
Jonathan Ramey Computer Science
Andrew Ramseur Undeclared
Kellee Ramsey Psychology
Rachel Rangel Psychology
Alexandria Rangel Fine Arts
Emily Ransone Fine Arts
Johanna Ranta-aho Biochemistry
Brisa Rasmussen Neuroscience
Stephanie Razavi Neuroscience
Colleen Real Fine Arts
William Reames Computer Science
Barrett Redington Undeclared
Lauren Reece English
Olivia Reed History
Abigail Reed Biology
Krista Reed Environmental Biology
Samson Reed Neuroscience
Natalie Rees Accounting
Spencer Reeves History
Mackenzie Regen Communication Studies
Scott Reid Applied Physics
Teagan Reilly Psychology
Alec Reilly Business-Undeclared
Shelby Reist Psychology
Alessi Reiter Computational & Applied Math
Emma Reitzel Communication Studies
Joseph Rekus Economics-BA
Tess Rens Marketing
Julia Rest Social Work
Cecil Reyes Fine Arts
Sierra Reyes Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Brooke Reynolds Psychology
Megan Reynolds Psychology
Taylor Rhame Organismal Biology
Alexander Rhodes Computer Science
Matthew Rhodes Accounting
Virginia Rhodes Psychology
Rachel Ricard Political Science
Cameron Rice Marketing
Dylan Rice Finance
Matthew Rice Accounting
Isabel Rice-Martorell Psychology
Sarah Rich Sociology
Bruin Richardson Finance
Dane Richardson Information Systems
Abigail Ridderhoff Social Work
Noelle Riddle English
Meghan Ries Communication Studies
Chelsea Riggs Neuroscience
Victoria Rines Psychology
Alexander Risko Finance
Leslie Ritchie Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kailey Ritchie History
Skylor Ritchie Undeclared
Faith Ritenour Marketing
Christopher Ritter Computer Science
Luis Rivera Political Science
Kyara Rivera Political Science
Cecilia Rivera Political Science
Chelsea Rivera-Morales Electrical Engineering
Jacob Roach Management
Jessica Roberson Psychology
Sarah Robertson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ethan Robertson Sociology
Gwen Robins Accounting
Kathryn Robins Sociology
Elijah Robinson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emma Robinson Theater
Autumn Robinson Social Work
Mary Robinson Psychology
Olivia Robinson Psychology
Simon Robson Communication Studies
Travis Rocha Communication Studies
Gabriela Rocha Psychology
Christopher Rockey Psychology
Jacob Rodgers Information Science
Samantha Rodgerson Undeclared
Brandon Rodriguez Hernandez Biochemistry
Alexis Roe Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Addison Roeschley Accounting
Benjamin Roger Business-Undeclared
Nathan Rogers History
Abigail Rogers Psychology
Chloe Rogers Theater
Carleigh Rollins Psychology
Victoria Roman Psychology
Claire Rooney Management
Celine Rosario Business-Undeclared
Neyshmarie Rosario Cabrera Political Science
Emily Rosa-Wood Marketing
Hannah Roscher Fine Arts
Benjamin Rose Communication Studies
Emily Rose Psychology
Jack Rosenberg Business-Undeclared
Dylan Rosnick Political Science
Cara Ross Marketing
Christian Ross Computer Science
Gabriel Ross Computer Science
Angelo Rosso Applied Physics
Neelie Rosson Psychology
Mathew Roth Management
Katherine Routon Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Carlena Routzon Organismal Biology
Erin Rowe Psychology
Cristina Rowe History
Liam Rowell Computational & Applied Math
Ryann Rowland Finance
Ryan Royal Management
Amaya Royster Music
Christine Rubeiz Sociology
Mary Rueger Communication Studies
Kyrah Runner Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Caitlyn Russ Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Teresa Russell Communication Studies
Anthony Russell Computer Science
Madison Russell Psychology
Andrea Russotti Chemistry
Thomas Ryerse Accounting
Samuel Rzonca Communication Studies
Ryan Saal Biochemistry
Opal Sadler Sociology
Tara Sadler Computer Science
Matthew Sadosuk Finance
Sara Safford Biochemistry
Samuel Safford Business-Undeclared
Madelyn Sager Psychology
Sumeet Saini Political Science
Ana Maria Salazar Biochemistry
Hannah Salmon Management
Owen Salyer Psychology
Jubran Samra Marketing
Abigail Sams Political Science
David Sandborn Accounting
Gracie Sanders Psychology
Lauren Sanger Communication Studies
Brandon Sanger Psychology
Dominick Sangiuliano Communication Studies
Mackenzie Sanner English
Joy Santiago Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Santomauro Theater
Erin Sanza English
Aarya Sapre Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nash Saravanan Neuroscience
Nicholas Sarvella Biochemistry
Holly Satterfield Psychology
Carder Saul Communication Studies
William Saunders Political Science
Madeleine Sauter Communication Studies
Katelyn Savell Theater
Clarice Savereux Mathematics
Brennen Savi Psychology
Maegan Savoie Organismal Biology
Brenon Sawdy Information Science
Marissa Sawh Social Work
Felicity Saylor Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mara Scally Environmental Studies
Lauren Scheels Mathematics
Matthew Scherger Communication Studies
Peri Schiavone Undeclared
Gia Schiavone Sociology
Jillian Schmid Psychology
Jillian Schmidt Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Isabel Schnaidt Communication Studies
Emily Schoka Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jacob Schor Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Allison Schurr Social Work
Owen Schwab Sociology
Kacey Schwenzer Accounting
Mary Sciortino Marketing
Daniel Scofield Mathematics
Justin Scola Mathematics
Alexander Sebold Finance
Nathaniel Sebring Information Science
Jake Seddon Communication Studies
Emily Sedgwick Political Science
Emma Seguin Spanish
Benjamin Selby Organismal Biology
Sarah Sellers Social Work
Christopher Senf Communication Studies
Cody Sessions Neuroscience
Mackena Settles History
Peyton Sewell Psychology
Joseph Shaffer Information Science
Ekaterina Shaltaeva Management
Trisha Shank Political Science
Sierra Shannon Fine Arts
Brittany Sharabi Psychology
Ashley Sharabi Sociology
Grace Sharlun Political Science
Alyson Sharp Marketing
Lucas Sharrett Environmental Biology
Alora Sharron Marketing
Sydney Shaw Communication Studies
Jennifer Shaw Mathematics
Mollie Shaw Psychology
Brooke Shaw Sociology
Abby Shaw Sociology
Samuel Shear Political Science
Lydia Shearin Theater
Amber Shearin Neuroscience
Andrew Sheehan Accounting
Jacob Sheffield Music
Hannah Shelton Marketing
Caroline Shenenberger Information Science
Kenneth Sheppard Computer Science
Kenneth Sherrod Undeclared
Katelyn Shinault Management
Kristen Shipman Mathematics
Emily Shirai Psychology
Mason Shockley Computer Science
Ashley Shonk Marketing
Kyle Shope Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Amanda Short Communication Studies
Lydia Showalter Communication Studies
Ahmad Shujah Computer Science
Noah Sieck Computer Science
Lorraine Siefke Social Work
Jakira Silas Sociology
Lindsey Silk Sociology
Timothy Siltz Computer Science
Ann Silva Political Science
Morgan Simmons Economics-BA
Robert Simmons Finance
Colleen Simpson Political Science
Michele Simpson Social Work
Jason Singarayer Marketing
Noah Singer Political Science
Micah Singer Mathematics
Kayla Singleton Business-Undeclared
Emily Sinniger Environmental Biology
Ke'alani Sison Environmental Biology
Jacob Sivak Chemistry
Ryan Sivak Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Elizabeth Six Social Work
Laura Slayton Computer Science
Erin Slupe Communication Studies
Monica Smallwood History
Erin Smith Biology
Ann Smith Accounting
Alyson Smith Marketing
Kelsie Smith Integrative Biology
Sarah Smith Communication Studies
Hunter Smith Political Science
Shannon Smith Political Science
Joseph Smith Biochemistry
Alexis Smith English
Sawyer Smith Music
Samuel Smith Psychology
Taylor Smith Neuroscience
Alyssa Smith Environmental Biology
Patricia Smith Music
Alexandria Smith History
Jackson Smith History
Quinn Smith-Perry Psychology
Carly Smittle Spanish
Caitlyn Snead Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Talley Snider Marketing
Jack Snowdon History
Abigail Snyder Psychology
William Snyder Accounting
Emma Snyder Social Work
Jenna Snyder Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Erin Solloway Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Edward Sonnie Communication Studies
William Soos Finance
Cooper Sorvig Marketing
Sydney Sowers Communication Studies
Michael Sparks Economics-BA
Samantha Spata Biochemistry
Lucas Spelsberg Sociology
Jamal Spence Information Science
Chase Spencer Political Science
Grace Spencer Biochemistry
Caleb Spink Neuroscience
Joao Splett Finance
Rachel Spradlin Psychology
Leah Spradlin Business-Undeclared
Kristen Springer Psychology
Kayleigh Sprouse Music
Hannah Stadelmyer Music-BA
Jack Stafford Finance
Tianna Stajkowski Music-BA
Emma Stanich Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emily Stanisha Electrical Engineering
Trent Staniszewski Computer Engineering
Bryce Stanley History
Carter Stanton Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kathleen Stanton English
Jaycie Staples Accounting
Claire Stargell-Ouellette Political Science
Haidyn Stark Neuroscience
Michelle Staron Psychology
Kirsten Starr Fine Arts
Naomi Starr Environmental Biology
Theodore Stathopoulos Biochemistry
Zoe Stauffer Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julia Steele Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hannah Steelman Social Work
Peter Steidler Marketing
Brianna Stein Psychology
Natalia Stencavage Undeclared
Julie Stephens Communication Studies
Rachel Stephens Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicholas Stern Finance
Paige Stevens Communication Studies
Joely Stevens Marketing
Anna Stewart Marketing
Benjamin Sties Psychology
Adam Stillabower Computer Science
Kaitlyn Stine English
Lindsey Stirling Business-Undeclared
Erin Stitt Psychology
William Stockhausen Accounting
Kara Stokke American Studies
Ella Stolz History
Chloe Stone Communication Studies
Megan Stone Sociology
Ethan Stowe Accounting
Morgan Strack Marketing
Carter Strain Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Carli Strandberg Theater
Thomas Stratton Finance
Elliana Stratton Environmental Biology
Carley Strausser Communication Studies
Madison Strecker Political Science
Jordan Strickland Environmental Biology
Olivia Strittmatter Organismal Biology
Bradley Strobel Political Science
Kennedy Struck Psychology
Miriam Stump Social Work
Dominic Stumpo Business-Undeclared
Emma Sturgeon Political Science
Maria Sturges Management
Cristina Sturniolo Psychology
Margaret Styers English
Mary Style History
Sarah Sullivan Communication Studies
Kelton Sullivan History
Chloe Sullivan History
Ethan Suminski Marketing
Matthew Sundquist Political Science
Michael Suppa Accounting
Nicole Suscello Computer Science
Eric Svendsen History
Veronica Svinicki Information Science
Zachary Swanson Psychology
Ryan Swanson Philosophy
Kathryn Sweeten Communication Studies
Samuel Swenson-Reinhold Philosophy
Miranda Swinson Political Science
Briahna Switzer Marketing
Madison Tabler Psychology
Sophia Taddeo Sociology
Tori Talbert Social Work
Dominic Tasselli Social Work
Madelyn Tatum Psychology
Madison Taylor Communication Studies
Cassidy Taylor Communication Studies
Colleen Taylor Psychology
Anne Taylor Environmental Studies
Jordan Taylor Political Science
Grace Taylor Psychology
Katelyn Taylor Marketing
Brian Teller History
Isabella Terrono Political Science
Samantha Terry Mathematics
Brennan Thaler Management
Elizabeth Thibodeau Biology
Megan Thode Economics-BA
Anna Thomas Communication Studies
Stuart Thomas Psychology
Emily Thomas Sociology
Austin Thomasson Accounting
Grace Thome Biology
Daniel Thompson Computer Engineering
Caleb Thompson Computer Science
Benjamin Thompson Marketing
Helen Thompson Biology
Hannah Thompson Finance
Stephanie Thompson English
Remy Thompson Theater
Charity Thompson Marketing
Benjamin Thompson Business-Undeclared
Stephanie Thompson Sociology
Mackenzie Thorne Classical Studies
Sarah Thornhill Psychology
Anna Thornsberry History
Irene Thornton Political Science
Peter Tillen Communication Studies
Katherine Tillen Political Science
Rosalia Tilmont Neuroscience
Kelly Timlen Psychology
Camryn Tinsley Accounting
Nicholas Tipmongkol Communication Studies
Anna Tippett English
Mayce Tipton Psychology
Mary Titus Communication Studies
Jessica Todaro Psychology
Hana Todhunter Undeclared
Marcel Tokhi Political Science
Nicholas Tolarchyk History
Mallory Tompkins Psychology
Davis Topping Information Science
Drew Torbett Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Rebecca Toskey Communication Studies
Joshua Toth Music
Caleb Townsend Economics-BA
Peyton Townsend Theater
Colleen Tozier Management
Sarah Trachtenberg Psychology
Lauren Tracy Political Science
Zachary Tracy Electrical Engineering
Amber Tran Ha Neuroscience
Abbigail Traylor Undeclared
Madison Treiber English
Maximilian Triesch Communication Studies
Briana Triglia Psychology
Tyler Trimble Computer Science
Griffin Tritaik Computer Engineering
Kylie Tritaik Communication Studies
Samantha Tritt Electrical Engineering
Noah Trone Finance
Anna Trotter Psychology
Amy Trueschler Accounting
Whitney Truitt Fine Arts
Reed Truxell Business-Undeclared
Caroline Tsui Integrative Biology
Caroline Tucker Theater
Fiona Tucker Theater
Robert Tucker Undeclared
Caleb Tullous Computer Engineering
Reese Tunstall Music
Jordyn Turner Communication Studies
Ashley Turner Music
Samuel Tyler Biochemistry
Lyon Tyler Business-Undeclared
Charles Tyson Computer Science
Lillian Tyson Social Work
Alexis Ullrich English
Esteban Umana Chaves Sociology
Austin Urch Communication Studies
Jordan Usselman History
Santiago Vallejo Orozco Computer Science
Angela Vallejos Sociology
Rachael Vallespir History
Alexandra Van Orden Communication Studies
Giles Vanhuss Political Science
Katherine Vanik Organismal Biology
Anna Vanlandingham Political Science
Nicholas Varcadipane Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
William Vaughn Philosophy
Walker Venable Management
Jacob Venti Computational & Applied Math
Jordan Verbeck Finance
Thomas Verry Business-Undeclared
Delaney Vest English
Anthony Veuhoff Marketing
Landri Vickers Biology
Taylor Vigil Sociology
Christopher Vincent Electrical Engineering
Allison Vinis Music
Grace Vivirito English
Noa Vizzaccaro Business-Undeclared
Anhlong Vo Computer Science
Benjamin Vogan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicholas Volles Neuroscience
Daniel Vorona Political Science
Abigale Waclo Sociology
Taylor Waddy Psychology
Gresham Wagner Management
Alessia Waitt English
Brenna Walch English
Jack Waldman Economics-BA
Hannah Walker Management
Taylor Walker Economics-BA
Kendall Walker Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Noah Wallace Biochemistry
Brooke Wallace Psychology
Meghan Walters Psychology
Lauren Walters Neuroscience
Justine Walton Political Science
Olivia Ward Communication Studies
Laura Ward Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
LeTerra Ward Political Science
Sophia Warkentin Sociology
Walker Warren Undeclared
Katherine Washburn Psychology
Zachary Washburn Economics-BA
Lauren Washburn History
Landon Waterfield History
Eric Waterman Psychology
Jamison Waters Computer Science
Abigail Wathen Psychology
Kasey Watkins Music
Valerie Watson Communication Studies
Abigail Watson Theater
Marc Watters Neuroscience
Sydney Watts Business-Undeclared
Cassandra Watts Psychology
Abigail Wax Political Science
Maxwell Wayne Computer Engineering
Tucker Wayne Organismal Biology
Emily Weatherholtz Social Work
Abigail Weatherington Political Science
Hope Webb Electrical Engineering
Trish Webb Communication Studies
Christina Webb Biology
Linnea Webster Psychology
Juliana Webster Social Work
Samantha Weddle Management
Rachel Weeks Psychology
Jared Wegrzyn Finance
Madison Weikle Theater
Adin Weingast Music
Emery Weist Computer Engineering
Tyler Weldy History
Madeleine Wellman Psychology
Thomas Wells Finance
Kyle Werntz Computer Science
Connor Werrlein Communication Studies
Claire Werrlein Psychology
Emma Wertz Psychology
Jaret West Management
Alyssa West Psychology
Davis West Business-Undeclared
Trenton Wetsel Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Samantha Wettengel History
Alexandra Wettengel Environmental Studies
Carly Wever Applied Physics
Claire Wewerka Social Work
Corinne Whalen Social Work
Aidan Wheeler Finance
Natalie Wheeler Undeclared
Aidan Wheeler Business-Undeclared
Karen Whisler Fine Arts
Ashlyn Whitacre Psychology
Garrett Whitaker Organismal Biology
Edwin White Management
Shakia White Economics-BA
Nathan White Neuroscience
Audrey White Biology
Zachary White Business-Undeclared
Kali White Mathematics
Philip White Integrative Biology
Zachary Whitener Finance
Taylor Whitescarver Psychology
Matthew Whitlock Psychology
Harrison Whittleton Economics-BA
Olivia Wilbur Theater
Grant Wiley Computer Science
Ryan Wilhelm Accounting
Gariel Wilkerson Communication Studies
Sean Wilkinson Management
Brooke Wilkinson Psychology
Elicia Williams Communication Studies
Tamera Williams Accounting
Elijah Williams Communication Studies
Kayl Williams Theater
Christopher Williams Electrical Engineering
Jadaciss Williams Finance
Aubriana Williams Psychology
Taylor Williamson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Willsey Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Michael Wilson Fine Arts
Karen Wilson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Karrington Wilson Economics-BA
Henry Wilson Computer Engineering
Brianna Wilson Marketing
Morgan Wilson Management
Grace Wilson Psychology
Brianna Wilson English
Max Wilson Management
Cana Wilson English
Candis Wimberly Communication Studies
Victoria Windt English
Jordan Winnett Political Science
Parker Wintink History
Anissa Wise History
Katherine Witmer Sociology
Austin Witt Biochemistry
Victoria Wolan Fine Arts
Reese Wolf Finance
Makenzie Wolf Communication Studies
Kendra Womack Computer Engineering
Henry Womble Finance
Robert Wong Political Science
Angelica Wood Environmental Biology
Matthew Wood Psychology
Noah Wood Management
Jenna Woodburn Sociology
Sarah Woodring Finance
Hannah Woolard Neuroscience
Kaden Woodward Management
Elizabeth Woodward Computer Science
Allison Wooller Political Science
Timothy Woollum Finance
Adam Wosahla Integrative Biology
Alyssa Wright Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lily Wright Neuroscience
Andrew Wright Applied Physics
Daniel Wright Computational & Applied Math
Kendall Wrigley History
Kayla Wrigley History
Kimberly Wrobel Psychology
Emma Wynn Marketing
Andrew Yang Psychology
Tatyana Yates Communication Studies
Casey Yenyo Environmental Biology
Amanda Yermal Neuroscience
Hannah Yetter Undeclared
Sophanit Yohannes Music-BA
Aubrey Yokum Management
Taylor Yokum Undeclared
Emily York Organismal Biology
Abigail Yost Communication Studies
Seth Young Computational & Applied Math
Carter Young Environmental Biology
Benjamin Yung Economics-BA
Benjamin Zagurski Fine Arts
Kaitlyn Zalar Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Aria Zand Accounting
Eva Zawodny Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kirsten Zeigler Communication Studies
Kristen Ziccarelli Political Science
Kyra Ziegler Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
James Ziegler Marketing
Nathan Zimmerman Business-Undeclared
Tyler Zimmermann Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sienna Zimmermann Psychology
Jessica Zimmermann Neuroscience
Sarah Ziolkowski Psychology
Allison Zoldork Mathematics
Jared Zupan Electrical Engineering
Joshua Zutell Computer Engineering
Lexie Zwanziger Communication Studies

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