Students sitting in a circle on the Great Lawn

Spring 2021 Dean's List

High-achieving students recognized for excellent performance.

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Congratulations to the students below for being named to the Dean's List for the spring 2021 semester. These students were enrolled in at least 12 credit hours, earned no final grade below C and earned a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.0 scale.

First Name Last Name Major
Alexandra Abbott Marketing
Lucas Aberg Computational & Applied Math
Addison Abrams Management
Jill Adams Information Science
Robert Adams Management
Sabrina Adleson Integrative Biology
Lillian Ahenkorah Psychology
Ayesha Ahmed Political Science
Tyler Alberico Marketing
Cooper Albright Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Melanie Aldhizer Music
Michael Alexander Finance
Zoe Alhanati Psychology
Sarah Allbrandt Theater
Julia Allen Political Science
Ryann Allen Psychology
Lucius Allen Computer Engineering
Emily Allen Undeclared
Rakan Alzarqa History
Rayan Alzarqa Computer Science
Elijah Anderson Information Science
Virginia Anderson Accounting
Taylor Anderson Marketing
Jared Ankersen Finance
Nana Ankrah Business-Undeclared
Amer Anouti Environmental Studies
Emily Anstett Political Science
Sarah Anstice Biochemistry
Autumn Anthony Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicole Apai Management
Christopher Applewhite Business-Undeclared
Dominique Ardis English
Kelli Arduini Psychology
Alex Arena Organismal & Environ Biology
Elliott Armstrong Electrical Engineering
Andrew Armstrong Finance
Matthew Arthur American Studies
Morgan Arthur Biochemistry
Ryan Aruanno Computer Science
Hannah-Noel Arze Communication Studies
Luke Asby Psychology
Nicholas Ascolese Environmental Biology
Ariana Asefi Political Science
Jamie Ashkar Communication Studies
Abigail Asuncion Psychology
Casey Attallah Environmental Biology
Coby Auslander Management
Natalie Avila Management
Kagen Axsom Management
John Backo Information Science
Sarah Badertscher Political Science
Christopher Baer Political Science
Olyvia Bailey Sociology
Elizabeth Bailey Business-Undeclared
Erin Bailey Sociology
Morgan Baines Psychology
Charles Baird Communication Studies
Cody Baker Computer Engineering
Chloe Baker American Studies
Grace Baker English
Tyler Baldwin Computer Science
Abbey Ballance Communication Studies
Emma Ballantyne Communication Studies
Amanda Ballou English
Christopher Balog Chemistry
Robert Bandy History
Amanda Banks Sociology
Holly Banta Psychology
Kyndal Barber Mathematics
Mildred Barcalow Environmental Biology
Brooke Bare Management
Jacob-Joshua Barnes Theater
James Baron Computer Science
Paul Baron Computer Science
Peter Barrett Political Science
Kathryn Barthelmes Communication Studies
Joseph Bartoo Business-Undeclared
Julia Basauri Social Work
Jordan Bass Communication Studies
Elijah Basu English
Killian Bateman Theater
Gretchen Bates Neuroscience
Olivia Baugham Marketing
Courtney Bauserman English
Blake Bauserman Philosophy
Steven Baxley Computational & Applied Math
Sophia Baxter Management
Alexus Baxter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Brooke Beach Psychology
Logan Beal Psychology
Bronwyn Beardsley Theater
Kimberly Beasley Philosophy
Hana Beatty Marketing
Elizabeth Beaver Biology
Joshua Beck Computer Science
Courtney Becker Computational & Applied Math
Gabrielle Beddard Electrical Engineering
Andrew Bell Computer Science
Tyler Bell Management
Sequoia Benhart Social Work
Tatianna Benjamin Computer Engineering
Natalie Bennett Political Science
Kaylee Bennett Neuroscience
Katelyn Bennett Political Science
Sarah Benton Computer Science
Margaret Benton Music-BA
Elizabeth Bergman Sociology
Kylee Berry Biology
Nazareth Bertrand Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Davis Bethke Political Science
Julianne Bieron English
Erika Bilokon Applied Physics
Robert Birch Communication Studies
Callie Birk Neuroscience
Molly Birken Management
Matthew Birken Business-Undeclared
Isabela Bittenbender Communication Studies
Benjamin Black Neuroscience
Natalie Blackburn Biochemistry
Rory Blaha Psychology
Caroline Blair Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Peyton Blanding Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Skyla Blansett Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Emily Blanton Neuroscience
Devynn Bledsoe Computer Engineering
Peter Bleicken History
Riley Block Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Miah Blockhus-Tortajada American Studies
Clara Bloedorn Philosophy
Michael Bloom History
Eric Blosser Philosophy
Madelyn Blount Music
Luke Blundin Undeclared
Jennifer Blyler Organismal & Environ Biology
Alea Boden Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alyson Boehling Organismal Biology
Shannon Boerner Interdisciplinary Studies
William Bogan Computer Science
Blake Boggess English
Ethan Boldy Management
Claire Bolejack Environmental Studies
Lauren Bollier Psychology
Gabrielle Bollinger Political Science
Leslie Bond English
Madeline Bonifas Psychology
Johana Bonilla Biology
Tatum Booker Accounting
Anna Bookstaver Undeclared
Tongase Booth Neuroscience
Ashley Booth-shoulders Psychology
Ana Borga Management
Christina Bosco Communication Studies
Jaclyn Bosse Political Science
Madeline Bounds Marketing
Cristina Bournigal Psychology
Katelyn Bowersox Neuroscience
Christine Bowser Music
Sierra Boyce Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katherine Bracken Sociology
Adam Bradie Mathematics
Molly Bradish-Mulhearn Chemistry
Hannah Bradley Political Science
Samuel Brady Music
Aidan Brady Neuroscience
Lindsay Bragaw Fine Arts
Haley Bragg Mathematics
Jackson Braley Business-Undeclared
Georgia Bransford Social Work
Jaidan Brass Environmental Studies
Alexander Brendes Marketing
Jared Brennan Management
Eva Brennan Psychology
Kevin Brent Marketing
Hannah Brett Communication Studies
Maygan Brewer Computer Engineering
Alex Brewer Organismal Biology
Kathleen Brewster Organismal & Environ Biology
Hannah Brinckley Fine Arts
Colin Brinkley History
Hannah Bristow Management
Jordan Brittle Marketing
Hope Britton Undeclared
Asa Britton-Jenkins Biochemistry
Logan Brocklehurst Communication Studies
Robert Brockmeier History
Elizabeth Brockwell Communication Studies
Jakob Brooks Information Science
Haleigh Brooks Communication Studies
Alexandria Brooks Political Science
Allyson Brown Sociology
Alexander Brown Information Science
Isaiah Brown Theater
Hannah Brown Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tyler Brown English
West Brownlee Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lindsey Brubaker Accounting
Olivia Brubaker Undeclared
Nina Brundle Biology
Alexis Bruno Communication Studies
Marlise Brunson Biology
Leka Bucaj Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kayla Buchanan Neuroscience
Jacob Buchanan Applied Physics
Aimee Buchanan Psychology
Walter Buck Finance
Sydney Buckner Management
Emily Budhai Biology
Allison Burbach Environmental Biology
Margaret Burch Communication Studies
Scott Burden Neuroscience
Ashley Burgess Political Science
Matthew Burgess Theater
Alison Burgess Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Macy Burk Psychology
Kayla Burke Organismal Biology
Lauren Burkholder Spanish
Alexandra Burklew English
Josephine Burns Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julia Burns Finance
Elizabeth Burns Classical Studies
Caroline Burrows Social Work
John Byrd Theater
Gillian Byrnes History
Cristin Cade Integrative Biology
Andrew Cagle Finance
Haley Caldwell Mathematics
Daniel Calvano Neuroscience
Margaret Cameron Marketing
Elizabeth Campbell Psychology
Cody Camper Undeclared
Payton Campfield Political Science
Lucas Campillo Undeclared
Kalli Cannistraro Business-Undeclared
Jamie Canty Biology
Lauren Capozzi Psychology
John Capriotti Finance
Jordan Caravas Biology
Eliza Carlson Criminology
Jennifer Carnahan Political Science
Drew Caroline Marketing
Raymond Carothers Chemistry
Francis Carrow Accounting
Claire Carter History
Carlie Carter Psychology
William Cashwell English
Lana Casingal Undeclared
Maysie Casper Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
John Cassady Business-Undeclared
Ryan Castle Communication Studies
Alexandra Chalkley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Olivia Chan Psychology
Ashley Chan Political Science
Emily Chandler Fine Arts
Kiersten Chang Biology
Gregory Chapman Electrical Engineering
Madelyn Chapman Environmental Studies
Phyu Chaw Neuroscience
Jasleen Chawla Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kevin Chesson Psychology
Kayla Childers Marketing
Jackson Childress Finance
Brooke Childress Management
Samith Chowdhury Electrical Engineering
Nicolette Christensen Biochemistry
Sophia Christian Psychology
Zachary Chung Marketing
Zoe Churchill Organismal Biology
Nicole Cico Integrative Biology
Elyssa Cirillo Mathematics
Conner Clark Accounting
Madeline Clark Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mazie Clark History
Kendall Clark Psychology
Scott Clark Finance
Ann-Marie Clark Psychology
Annie Clarke Accounting
Sydney Claud Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Max Clemente Political Science
Shane Clements Psychology
Victoria Cline Accounting
Matthew Coats Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Cochran Marketing
Kristin Cody Biology
Carson Cofer Computer Science
Trevor Cogan American Studies
Vincent Cohee Management
Lauren Colarossi History
Emma Colby Finance
Christiana Cole Biochemistry
Lance Coleman Management
William Collins Finance
Eleanor Collins Undeclared
Zachary Collins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Bailee Comer Political Science
Lindsay Connell Communication Studies
Reagan Connelly Political Science
Abigail Contreras Information Science
Courtney Conway Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sean Conway Marketing
Grace Cook Management
Savannah Cook Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sarah Cooke Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kelly Cooke Information Science
Sarah Coon Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Avery Cooper Organismal Biology
Carson Cooper Management
Claira Cooper Political Science
Georgia Cope Psychology
Fabio Corbera Moya Sociology
Jessica Cornett Sociology
Lyndsay Corrigan Organismal & Environ Biology
Eleanor Costic Communication Studies
Zoe Costley Finance
Ciara Coward History
Shelby Cox Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Geoffrey Coyne Business-Undeclared
Sydney Crafton Finance
Shelby Crahan Political Science
Nathanial Craner Accounting
Abby Crawford Biology
Hannah Crawley Psychology
Regan Craze Music
Adam Creason History
Brianna Creger Fine Arts
Keely Crittenden Biology
Logan Croley Computer Science
Peyton Cromley Psychology
Raahkema Cropper Psychology
Emme Crosen Marketing
Elizabeth Crosson Communication Studies
Molly Croushore Psychology
Ryan Croushore Psychology
Emma Cumashot Neuroscience
Faith Cummings Biochemistry
Sara Currin Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ieasa Custer Theater
Isabella da Cunha Neuroscience
Tanner Dail Finance
Rachael Dailey Psychology
Andrew Daisey Political Science
Vicky Dam Biology
Anna D'Amato Management
Caroline Daniels Psychology
Isabel Danstrom Neuroscience
Charles Darling Management
David Davenport Music
Evelyn Davidson English
Rachel Davis Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Brandon Davis Marketing
Charlotte Davis Marketing
Alex Davis Information Science
Lucy Davis Psychology
Taylor Davis Management
Katelyn Davis Neuroscience
Lela Davis Undeclared
Kyndal Dawson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kayelon Dean Fine Arts
Anna Dean Communication Studies
Catherine Deane Communication Studies
Grant DeCastillia Computational & Applied Math
Kaitlyn DeHarde Psychology
Natalie DeHart Sociology
Nicholas DeHoust Philosophy
Julia Delcoco Communication Studies
Ali Deloye Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Reagan Delp Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katarina Demcheshen History
Max Dennard Finance
Alexis Denson Psychology
Wyatt DeProspero Management
Owen DeRaps Psychology
Adrianna DeSantis Neuroscience
Anthony DeTrane Undeclared
Alese Devin Neuroscience
Alyssa Dickerson Spanish
Samuel Dickinson Environmental Biology
Caitlin Diehl Marketing
Caroline Dillard Biology
Kaylin Dinsmore English
Michael DiRoberto Finance
Carter Disque Computer Science
Viviane Doan Sociology
Blake Doeren Mathematics
Mark Doherty Management
Reagan Dolak Psychology
Connor Dolan Computer Engineering
Amy Doody Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ian Doty Political Science
Doris Dougherty Psychology
Lauren Douglas Psychology
Sarah Dowell Psychology
Madison Dozier Psychology
Jacob Drayer Management
Thomas Driscoll Accounting
Timothy Dronfield Organismal Biology
Brian Drummond Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Isabelle D'Souza Psychology
Rebecca D'Souza Management
Matthew Dubuque Accounting
Nicole Duenke Sociology
Bethany Duffer Music
James Duffy Political Science
Regan DuHadway Environmental Biology
Sofia Duque Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hannah Duston Psychology
Ashley DuVall Social Work
Keelin Dvorak Undeclared
William Dzubak Information Science
Daniel Eads Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jamie Eagle Fine Arts
Ryan Eakins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Owen Early Management
Alexis Eddinger Political Science
Grace Eddleton Psychology
John Edmunds Management
Paul Edmunds Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Megan Ednie Marketing
Taylor Edwards Applied Physics
Haley Eiser Mathematics
Hannah Elford Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tatiana Elizarova Biochemistry
Adalynn Eller Music
Sophia Ellia Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Daniel Elliott Business-Undeclared
Samantha Ellis Psychology
William Elvgren Finance
Ahmed Elzamzami Biochemistry
Lillemor Eng English
Madison Erb Finance
Caroline Ernst English
Diana Eshun Neuroscience
Alexander Esin Political Science
Thompson Eskew Political Science
Rebecca Eskow Social Work
Emmaline Eskridge Undeclared
Enjhalika Esmena Integrative Biology
Haley Eubank Psychology
Madeline Evans Marketing
Emily Evans Psychology
Sophia Evans Communication Studies
Stephen Everard Psychology
Elizabeth Fabiano Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Fallon Marketing
Ashlynn Falls English
Sondra Fan Finance
Asia Farmer Psychology
Phoebe Farmer Marketing
Ryan Farr Political Science
Emma Farrar Fine Arts
Braelin Fauber Psychology
Liana Favale Psychology
Ian Fein History
Luke Ferguson Political Science
Caiden Ferguson History
Haley Ferguson Fine Arts
Luke Fernandez Biochemistry
Kara Ferner Applied Physics
Nathanael Ferrante Computer Science
Daniel Ferrante Computer Science
Lauren Ferrell Communication Studies
Madison Ferris Theater
Gabriela Ferrone Management
Scott Fiedor Neuroscience
Payton Fiel Criminology
Mason Field Business-Undeclared
Courtney Fiest Communication Studies
Stephen Fike History
Julia Filacchione Psychology
Caroline Filegar Psychology
Emily Firewicz Psychology
Eric Fisher Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sarah Fistner Management
Aidan FitzGerald History
Caitlin Fitzpatrick Communication Studies
Allison Fitzwater Psychology
Alexandra Fiul Sociology
Lyric Flamm Sociology
Kayla Flanagan Psychology
Margaret Flanagan English
Melody Fleming Psychology
Elena Flester Neuroscience
Alexandra Fletcher Psychology
Regan Flieg Philosophy
Sarah Flinn Biochemistry
Madison Flinn Sociology
Andrew Flora Finance
Angelica Florendo Neuroscience
Mitchell Flores- Kaplan Undeclared
Emma Flye English
Emily Flynn History
Remy Fontaine Psychology
Carlon Ford English
Elizabeth Forget Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kaitlyn Foster Organismal Biology
Jessica Foster Marketing
Elijah Fox American Studies
Gabrielle Fox Accounting
Abigail Frame Psychology
Natalie Frampton Psychology
Ashley Francis Psychology
Lilleen Rochelle Franck Biochemistry
Isabel Franks Accounting
Gabriel Freckmann Psychology
Kyndall Freedman English
Sawyer Freeland Finance
Alexander Freeman Finance
Danielle Freeman Management
Ahmad Frej Management
Rebecca Frey Psychology
Stephanie Friedman Marketing
Emma Friedmann Psychology
Hunter Frields Computer Science
Hannah Fulk Communication Studies
Mitchell Fuller Business-Undeclared
Logan Funk Finance
Derek Furr Biology
Anna Gaegler Communication Studies
James Gaita History
Anna Galanides Theater
Christina Galbraith Psychology
Breeana Gant Information Science
Shreya Ganta Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alexis Gaouette Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Benjamin Garbarini Management
Susannah Garber Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Maya Garcia Chemistry
Whitney Garrett Spanish
Rachel Garrett Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Claire Garster Psychology
Charles Gartner History
Jordan Garza Psychology
J'Keyah Gaskins Social Work
Gwendolyn Gattermeir Chemistry
Davis Gee Political Science
William Geisler Neuroscience
Caylie Gendreau English
Charlotte George Psychology
Tyler Giarratana Marketing
Daniel Gibson American Studies
Abbigail Gibson Biology
Sabrina Gillis Fine Arts
Noah Gillispie Accounting
Daniel Gittelman English
Kara Giuliani Psychology
Katie Glemzu Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Peter Glenn Computer Science
Leah Glicker Psychology
Jenell Glover Integrative Biology
Katie Glover Political Science
Emily Goddin Chemistry
Anna Goehner Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jillian Goff Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Molly Goldberg Psychology
Mia Goldberg Undeclared
Sarah Goldsmith Neuroscience
Caleb Gondek Computer Science
Jacob Good Management
Grace Goode Marketing
Grace Goodley Communication Studies
Colin Goodpasture English
Mary Goodrich English
Bently Goodwin Accounting
Eli Goossens Philosophy
Srinidhi Gopal Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Arianna Gordon Marketing
Makena Gormley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Maya Gosain Undeclared
David Grace Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ramon Graham Fine Arts
Mahri Grant English
Caroline Grass Theater
Havana Grau Psychology
Gabriel Gravini Music
Gabriella Gray Criminology
Molly Gray Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kirsten Gray Biology
Kelsey Gray Undeclared
Kyle Greber Management
Kiana Green Theater
Theresa Green Social Work
Alyssa Gregory Psychology
Patrick Griffin Management
Evan Grimsley Management
Courtlan Grinder Organismal & Environ Biology
Victoria Grissom Communication Studies
Hayley Groover Neuroscience
Hunter Grubb Accounting
Jillian Gruta Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Elizabeth Guare American Studies
Brynna Gyuricsko Organismal Biology
Marguerite Haas Psychology
Angela Haggard History
Cuyler Hair History
Emilia Hajec Theater
Katie Hall Political Science
Catherine Hall Neuroscience
Alma Hall Psychology
Anna Hall Social Work
Anja Hall Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kristin Halter Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joseph Hamel Undeclared
Mariam Hammad Neuroscience
Raleigh Hampson English
Noah Haney Applied Physics
Charlotte Haney Undeclared
Makayla Hanna Neuroscience
Edvard Hansen Business-Undeclared
Jasmine Hanson Accounting
Zachary Hanway Finance
Jessica Haravay Psychology
Rebecca Hardesty Integrative Biology
Ashley Hardin Psychology
Mikaela Hardy Political Science
Katelyn Hark Psychology
Kelsey Hark Communication Studies
Emery Harlan Neuroscience
Abigail Harrigan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kaylee Harris Psychology
Henry Harris Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Anna Harrison Social Work
Talia Harrison Psychology
Kayli Harshbarger Spanish
Emily Hart Psychology
Lauren Hart English
Mary Hartnett Communication Studies
Avanda Harvey-Butler Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Kaitlyn Hasty Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alondra Hausic Social Work
Sydney Hawk Psychology
Danielle Hawkins Psychology
Charles Haworth Neuroscience
Tyler Hawthorne Management
Harry Hayden History
Taylor Hayes Theater
Caroline Hayes Mathematics
Helen Hazard Music
Jessica Hazlett Integrative Biology
Kelly Hazzard Political Science
Kayla Hearl Psychology
Courtney Hearld Organismal & Environ Biology
Maria Hedspeth Communication Studies
Riley Heerbrandt Neuroscience
Elizabeth Heier Social Work
Abigail Heimbach Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Heine Sociology
Marylee Helbling Marketing
Isabella Heller Sociology
Michael Hemmer Neuroscience
Kyra Hemrich English
Abigail Henderson Political Science
Ryan Henderson Computer Science
Scott Hendricks Management
Shane Hendricks Electrical Engineering
Shaun Henry Philosophy
Mary Hensley Theater
Ashley Herbig Mathematics
Amanda Herget Psychology
Ryan Hermosilla Electrical Engineering
Dairina Hernandez Ortega Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
David Herold Communication Studies
Jake Herzog Sociology
Anna Hester Social Work
Virginia Hester Psychology
Emily Hewett Social Work
Katherine Hicks Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Hill Finance
Craig Himko Political Science
Carson Hines Management
Alexandra Hinkey Mathematics
Emily Hinkson Psychology
Sabrina Ho Neuroscience
Kody Ho Business-Undeclared
Micaelah Hodge Sociology
Bailey Hodges Marketing
Katherine Hodges Management
Madison Hodges Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Brayden Hodges Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Whitney Hodges Environmental Studies
Madison Hoecker Computational & Applied Math
Rachel Hoefner Mathematics
Hannah Hogan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Isabel Hogg Political Science
Lauren Hogge Political Science
Madeline Holladay Psychology
Alexis Holland Theater
Benjamin Hollar History
Beverly Hollberg Philosophy
Lillian Holley Neuroscience
Jack Holmes Finance
Madison Holt Computer Science
Madison Hool Communication Studies
Mary Hoppenjans Biochemistry
Nicole Hora Biology
Madeline Horstman Fine Arts
Julia Horton Accounting
Kyan HoSang Psychology
Nathan Hotes Political Science
Brandi Houck Psychology
Ethan Houff Biology
Nathan Hubinger Mathematics
Anne Hudgins Business-Undeclared
Jordan Hudson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Parker Huffman Business-Undeclared
Daniel Hulett Finance
Hannah Humphries Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tyler Huneycutt Political Science
Hope Hunter Political Science
Joseph Hunter Psychology
Earl Hurley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Joshua Husby Political Science
Cynthia Huynh Psychology
Kellie Hyde Management
Tyler Hyun Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tony Ibanez-Macias History
Amanda Imthurn Management
James Ingersoll Political Science
Emily Ingledue Fine Arts
Evealee Ingram Environmental Studies
Samuel Irvin Psychology
Riley Isom Psychology
Alyssa Itinger Undeclared
Katherine Iwanski Environmental Studies
Devin Jackson Management
Zatyra Jackson Communication Studies
Luke Jackson Communication Studies
Emma Jackson Undeclared
Jordan Jackson Biology
Infinite Jacobs Business-Undeclared
Veronika Jacobson Psychology
Kyle Jacoby Cybersecurity
Natalee Jamerson Psychology
Jordan James Criminology
Laura James Neuroscience
Janetta Jatczak Communication Studies
Alexander Jedlick Management
Keyshawn Jefferson Communication Studies
Sheena Jegar Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Celine Jelinski Psychology
Rachel Jenkins Organismal Biology
Kyla Jenkins Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Eric Jennings Computer Science
Timothy Jennings Management
Rachel Jett Marketing
Madelyn Jeuick Biology
Cooper Johnson Finance
Bryan Johnson Management
Anna Johnson Social Work
Madison Johnson Computer Engineering
Tracy Johnson Criminology
Antwan Johnson Psychology
Matthew Johnson History
Josephine Johnstin Management
Angelina Johnstin Management
Mackenzi Jones Psychology
Colin Jones English
Grace Jones Psychology
Kelsie Jones Psychology
Madison Jones Marketing
John Jordan Computer Engineering
Kimberly Jordan Communication Studies
Caitlyn Joseph Social Work
Michael Josephson Finance
Faith Jovene Psychology
Ryan Joye Environmental Studies
Kaile Judge Business-Undeclared
Emily Judson Environmental Studies
Liam Jungles Organismal & Environ Biology
Anna Junkins Social Work
Alexa Jury Fine Arts
Camille Kaiser English
Gabrielle Kaiser Neuroscience
Dahria Kalmbach Environmental Biology
Kayla Kamper Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Kane Psychology
Hannah Kane Management
Yuhka Kaneda Management
Kateri Kapp Accounting
Lin Karam Economics-BA
Emily Karn Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tessa Karr Psychology
Melanie Kasch Music
Laura Kastberg Accounting
Jonathan Kaufman Cybersecurity
Nathan Kaw-uh Management
Gabriella Kayal Neuroscience
Christiane Kayal Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Shane Kearney Management
Evan Kearney Management
Kaiya Keckler Music
Grace Keene Psychology
Tucker Keener Political Science
Lyndsey Kegley Biochemistry
Zackary Kelly Finance
Madeline Kelsey Psychology
Morgan Kelso Music
Zachary Kempf History
Ian Kendrick Accounting
Kaitlyn Kenney Psychology
Graciela Keppler Biochemistry
Benjamin Kerns Management
Sarah Kerr-Applewhite Fine Arts
William Kessler Music
Emily Key Communication Studies
Alexis Keys Fine Arts
Inayah Khurshid Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Abigael Khuu Psychology
Matthew Kidd Psychology
Kinsey Kidder Social Work
Alyse Kiersey Communication Studies
Michael Kilcoyne History
Judiclaire Kinerney History
Sydney King Philosophy
Max King Marketing
Malcolm King Communication Studies
Sarah Kinka Social Work
Kolby Kinnaman Psychology
Robert Kirby Marketing
Margaret Kirkpatrick Sociology
Amanda Kirkpatrick Management
Kaitlyn Kitchen Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ja'Cori Kittrell Finance
Adin Klassen Business-Undeclared
Madeline Kleinschuster Communication Studies
Erin Kline Mathematics
Jamie Knight Fine Arts
Julia Knight Marketing
Jason Knott Biology
Olivia Koerner Biology
Spencer Koger Communication Studies
Emma Kohl Neuroscience
Joshua Kolba Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nathan Kolkmeyer Computer Science
Madison Koller Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nathan Kolling Mathematics
Mason Kolls Finance
Caroline Koon Neuroscience
Ariana Kopf Spanish
Kyleigh Koster Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jacqueline Kotoriy Psychology
Lily Kowalski Undeclared
Lauren Kratzer Psychology
Kendall Krause Marketing
Benjamin Kropff Biology
Brett Kropinski Information Science
Zachary Krygiel Political Science
Corinne Kulik Business-Undeclared
Robert Kurtz Undeclared
Caden La Duke Political Science
Katherine La Mar History
Jayna Labella Undeclared
Panagiotis Lagos Finance
Alexandra Lagos Theater
Samantha Lambiase Sociology
Savannah Lambie Communication Studies
Easton Lanclos Business-Undeclared
Allison Landergan Political Science
MaryElizabeth Lannon Undeclared
Javonna Lansdown Psychology
Amelia LaRock Psychology
James Larsen Finance
Arianna Larson Management
Ethan Larson History
Reuben Laryea Neuroscience
Paula Latham Mathematics
Jake Latta Management
Emily Laughery Sociology
Madison Laughlin Marketing
Brenna Lawrence Finance
Zachary Lawrence Computer Science
Logan Lawson Computational & Applied Math
Audrey Lawton Computer Science
Leah Laycock Fine Arts
Lamson Le Biochemistry
Samantha Le Psychology
Nathan Leas Economics-BA
Hannah Leckemby Political Science
Emily LeCount Marketing
Justin Lee Management
Michelle Legan Psychology
Gretchen Leich Spanish
Sophia Leichtentritt Management
Jonathon Leiding Mathematics
Nathaniel Leigh Electrical Engineering
Catherine Leighty Communication Studies
Joan Leist Management
Adam LeKang Theater
David Lembersky Biology
Lauren Lemelin Communication Studies
Stephen Lengel Psychology
Cole Lepler Political Science
Oliver Lesjak Finance
Madison Lester Chemistry
Crosby Lester Computer Science
Michael Lesznar Computer Engineering
Katrina Letter Management
Clark Levine History
Nyla Lewis American Studies
Rebecca Lewis Psychology
Tanner Lewis Finance
Sarah Lewis Accounting
Kirsten Lewis Undeclared
Sarah Lima Undeclared
Evelyn Lindeman Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Destiny Lindsay Sociology
Clay Lineman History
Mackenzie Linton Management
Jack Little Theater
Reese Livesay Undeclared
Jackson Livingstone Biology
Christina Lobosco Communication Studies
Rachel Locke History
Nafeesa Lodi Neuroscience
Avery Logue Information Science
Bianca Londres Philosophy
Noah Long Theater
Benjamin Long Theater
Chloe Long Environmental Biology
Mitchell Longerbeam Political Science
Leah Longo Marketing
Madeleine Lorenger Biochemistry
John Louis Undeclared
Amanda Lovelace Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jessica Lowe Sociology
Anna Lowery History
Colin Lowrance Marketing
Michael Lowry Computer Science
Corinne Lucas Psychology
Willis Lucas History
Adam Luncher Finance
Harper Lurie Management
Rylea Lutz Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Roger Lutz Mathematics
Zachary Luyo Neuroscience
Jack Lynam Computer Science
Allison Lyne English
Nicole Lynskey Management
Samantha Lyon Communication Studies
Emily Lyon Applied Physics
Brendan Lyons Finance
Justin Mabry Marketing
John MacEwen Environmental Biology
Ryan Macy Accounting
Shaelin Madigan Organismal Biology
Dawson Madison Undeclared
Conor Maguire Theater
Jane Mahler Biochemistry
Erin Mahoney History
Todd Mahood Computer Science
Jessica Maltbie Psychology
Pramod Mamillapalli Computer Science
Nicholas Mangano Management
Olivia Manning Criminology
Mya Manson Accounting
Rachel Many Neuroscience
Quinn Mara Biology
Jody Marchiando Business-Undeclared
Elaina Marcucci Neuroscience
Ashley Marino Marketing
Sofia Marino Environmental Biology
Isabelle Marinoble Criminology
Parker Markell Management
Margret Markley Psychology
Aidan Markley Psychology
Austin Marks Electrical Engineering
Kirsten Marsell Management
Carson Marshall Finance
Jillian Marsteller Management
Marissa Martin Management
Eleanor Martin Accounting
Irene Martin English
Keith Martin Psychology
Mikaela Martinez Dettinger Philosophy
Michael Martorano Marketing
Amanda Maskell History
Amaya Mason English
Anna Matias Criminology
Marie Maton Biology
Teagan Mauck Communication Studies
Alyssa May Marketing
Hayley Mayette Communication Studies
Hannah Mayr Social Work
Elizabeth Mazzello Psychology
Serena Mazzurco Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Robyn McArthur Psychology
Laura McAuliffe Psychology
Laura McAvoy Psychology
Tiaralyn McBride Sociology
William McCain Finance
Erin McCarthy Psychology
David McClaugherty Finance
Sean-Patrick McClure Business-Undeclared
Daniel McCollum English
Megan McCoy Theater
Bryson McDaniel Finance
Sloane McDonald Undeclared
Ryan McDonnell Business-Undeclared
Mara McFadden Psychology
Ellie McFall Undeclared
Emily McGinness Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alexis McGrail Finance
Makayla McGuire Sociology
Grace McKane Management
Mitchell McKeon Political Science
Thomas McLaughlin Business-Undeclared
Colleen McLean English
Ashley McMillan Communication Studies
Joshua McMillan Communication Studies
Chance McQuaid Electrical Engineering
Ella McQuillan Sociology
Lillian McVey Marketing
Emily Meaden Communication Studies
Julianne Meader Computational & Applied Math
Sean Meehan Marketing
Elissa Mena Information Science
Joshua Menichetti Marketing
Ashley Mentz Marketing
Lily Merrigan Communication Studies
Julia Merritt Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Noah Mertes Management
Maura Meservey Political Science
Joy Messina Sociology
Carol Metten Accounting
Abby Metzger Management
Ella Metzger Integrative Biology
Meredith Meyer Psychology
Alyssa Meyer Accounting
Savanna Meyers Management
Jessica Michaels Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Andrew Michak History
Madison Michalec Psychology
Jonathan Middleton Political Science
Johnathan Middleton Computer Science
Jenna Miladin Environmental Biology
Elizabeth Milausnic Studio Art
Rachael Milburn Organismal Biology
Samantha Milchenski Psychology
Elizabeth Miles Political Science
Eleanor Miley Information Science
Emily Miller Social Work
Emma Miller Social Work
Jackson Miller Computational & Applied Math
Jonathan Miller Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Anna Miller Biochemistry
Sara Miller Art History
Erica Miller Management
Morgan Miller Theater
Maxwell Miller Business-Undeclared
Danielle Miller Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Leslie Mills Psychology
Olivia Minnick Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Dillyn Minson English
Nicole Miranda Montoya Psychology
Venkat Miriyala Finance
Audrey Mishler Psychology
Uriya Mishor-Ziv Management
Ava Mister American Studies
Charley Mitchell Biochemistry
Caroline Mitchell Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lara Mitchell Sociology
Amari Mitchell Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Bethany Mizelle Environmental Biology
Ashleigh Mock Integrative Biology
Ricardo Monge Mendez Finance
Lindsay Montgomery Finance
Meghan Moon Communication Studies
Jace Moore Marketing
Jack Moore Political Science
Kiera Moore Biochemistry
Nicole Moore Psychology
Sydney Moore Psychology
Emery Moore Neuroscience
Marielena Moran Neuroscience
Emily Morejon Spanish
Molly Morgan Theater
Melanie Morgan Psychology
Matthew Morhiser English
Sophie Morley Political Science
Caroline Morley Theater
Julia Morris Marketing
Shannon Morris Music
Madeleine Morris Communication Studies
Taylor Morris Communication Studies
Bradshaw Morrison Criminology
Ingrid Morse Finance
Blaine Morse Computer Science
Wren Moss Psychology
David Mottley Computer Science
Abigail Muller Psychology
Noah Mulligan History
Charlotte Mullins Psychology
Camryn Munroe Management
Ryo Murasaki Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Keenan Murphy Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Wyatt Murphy Undeclared
Avery Naperala Environmental Biology
Rose Napolitano Organismal Biology
Kimberly Nardi Neuroscience
Luke Nardone Business-Undeclared
Lindsey Narney Communication Studies
Jessica Nash Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Luke Nassar Management
Hannah Nathanson Criminology
Chloe Naughton Accounting
Colleen Neff Neuroscience
Lindsay Neher Biochemistry
Saiarjun Nekkanti Neuroscience
Charles Nelson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Grace Nelson Mathematics
Lillian Nelson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Cassandra Nelson English
Cecelia Nerantzis Marketing
Katelyn Newell Management
Samuel Newfield Cybersecurity
Rebecca Newman Music
Austin Newman Political Science
Jennifer Newton Psychology
Julia Ng Finance
Zenith Nguon Marketing
Millen Nguyen Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tracy Nguyen Sociology
Thao Nguyen Information Science
Haley Nicholson Psychology
Andrew Nicolaus Communication Studies
Andrew Niklason American Studies
Dejah Niles-Bogger Psychology
Nicolette Nitis Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Anna Nix Political Science
Brooke Nixon Information Science
Adelyn Noble Mathematics
Molly Nolan Psychology
Zoe Nonnemacker Psychology
Stephen Noone Management
Taylor Nordike English
Jasmine Norman Psychology
Kiara Nunn Psychology
Alexander Nyikos English
Coleman O'Connor Electrical Engineering
Conor O'Dea Political Science
Alexa O'Donnell Jones Political Science
Jordan Oglesby Marketing
Madison O'Hara Communication Studies
Emily Ohrmund Accounting
Shannon O'Keefe Psychology
Nicole Oliashirazi Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Hayden Olsen Finance
William Olson-Litherland Undeclared
Madden O'Neill Marketing
Keeli O'Neill History
McKayla Opstrup Biology
Kiya Opstrup Environmental Studies
Abigail Oren Accounting
Marina Organt Environmental Biology
Nathan Ormsby Applied Physics
Liam Orr Political Science
Morgan Orr Social Work
Jordan Ortigosa Environmental Studies
Sydney Osborne Psychology
Anna Osenkowsky Communication Studies
Katherine O'Shields Theater
Jamie Oulton Information Science
Kathryn Owen Neuroscience
Elizabeth Ozark Business-Undeclared
Joshua Pace Management
Andrea Padilla-Crisostomo Neuroscience
Zoe Page Accounting
Madeline Painter Marketing
Carly Palmer English
Nicole Palmieri American Studies
Matilah Pamie-George Neuroscience
Emily Pappalardo Psychology
Adam Paquette Communication Studies
Enzo Paradiso Psychology
Thomas Parisi Finance
Riley Park Spanish
Emma Parker Communication Studies
Austin Parker Sociology
Ariel Parks Neuroscience
Nicolaus Parks Neuroscience
Taylor Parks Management
Victoria-Jessica Partin Neuroscience
Charlotte Patterson Social Work
Alexandria Patterson Mathematics
Kayla Pauley Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Schyler Pauley Communication Studies
Katherine Paulikonis Social Work
Kristine Paulikonis Neuroscience
Rachel Pavel Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Max Pawlak Environmental Studies
Adam Paymer Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Payne Sociology
Mariah Payne History
Harrison Pearson Marketing
Nicholas Pearson Business-Undeclared
Colleen Pechin Theater
Allan Pedin Computer Science
Noah Peizer Sociology
Logan Penland English
Kaia Pennington Chemistry
Ruslan Pererva Computer Science
Jonah Peters Fine Arts
Emily Peterson Psychology
Hunter Petrakis Marketing
Gabrielle Petrone Economics-BA
Zachary Petruso Marketing
Maria Pham Sociology
Nicklas Phillips Neuroscience
Zachary Phillips History
Casey Picard Psychology
Elaina Pigue Social Work
Davis Pillow Finance
Laila Pirnazar Management
Scott Pisarcik Information Science
Anna Plaia Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Samantha Plesce Electrical Engineering
Trevor Plesko Undeclared
Shea Plocharczyk Information Science
Alicia Plumlee Psychology
Lily Poff Communication Studies
Abigail Pogreba Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicolas Pol Political Science
Thomas Pollack Neuroscience
Marianna Ponce Business-Undeclared
Julia Pond Psychology
Sarah Poole Theater
Caroline Pope Biology
Nathan Poretz Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lauren Porter Biochemistry
Shane Potters Biology
Zachary Potts Computer Engineering
Katie Powell History
Joshua Powers Undeclared
Campbell Pozin Finance
Madison Pozner Social Work
Ja'miyah Price English
Kelsey Priestaf Mathematics
Sarah Prince Marketing
Mary Pritchard Psychology
Sarah Proctor Communication Studies
Nicholas Prokos History
Chadwick Prosper History
Lauren Proulx Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Dylan Pruitt Computer Science
Natalie Prye Psychology
Abigail Puckett Political Science
Evan Pugh Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jordyn Pugh Biochemistry
Ngan Quach Chemistry
Faith Quel Social Work
Logan Quinn Marketing
Brian Rademacher Management
Christopher Rademacher Organismal Biology
Naomi Rader Psychology
Kathryn Rader Mathematics
Riley Rafterry-Lee Political Science
Magdalena Ralston Psychology
Andrew Ramseur American Studies
Elizabeth Raney Spanish
Rachel Rangel Psychology
Sophia Ransom Organismal Biology
Emily Ransone Fine Arts
Jonathan Rapp Computer Science
Brisa Rasmussen Neuroscience
William Reames Computer Science
Anna Reddel Business-Undeclared
Krista Reed Environmental Biology
Samson Reed Neuroscience
Jackson Reed Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Chloe Reid Communication Studies
Joseph Rekus Mathematics
Sadie Renner Marketing
Brenin Renzette English
Julia Rest Social Work
Megan Reynolds Psychology
Taylor Rhame Organismal Biology
Sarah Rhiel Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Rachel Ricard Political Science
Dylan Rice Finance
Benjamin Rice Computer Engineering
Noelle Riddle English
Kali Riggleman Marketing
Liam Riley Theater
Julianna Riley Biology
Morgan Rinaldi Marketing
Victoria Rines Psychology
Alexander Risko Finance
Kailey Ritchie American Studies
Skylor Ritchie Marketing
Madelyn Ritter Communication Studies
Cecilia Rivera Political Science
Maria Rivera Psychology
Jessica Roberson Psychology
Ethan Robertson Sociology
Samantha Robertson Undeclared
Kathryn Robins Sociology
Elijah Robinson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Simon Robson Communication Studies
Jessica Roby Communication Studies
Travis Rocha Communication Studies
Gabriela Rocha Psychology
Abigail Rochette Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Christopher Rockey Psychology
Bryce Rodeman Organismal & Environ Biology
Jacob Rodgers Information Science
Samantha Rodgerson English
Benjamin Roger Management
Nicholas Rogers Chemistry
Abigail Rogers Psychology
Carleigh Rollins Psychology
Valerie Rondi Accounting
Celine Rosario Management
Neyshmarie Rosario Cabrera Political Science
Emily Rosa-Wood Marketing
Jack Rosenberg Finance
Christian Ross Computer Science
Gabriel Ross Cybersecurity
Daniel Ross History
Angelo Rosso Applied Physics
Neelie Rosson Psychology
Jourdan Rothbart Communication Studies
Carlena Routzon Organismal Biology
Liam Rowell Computational & Applied Math
Katharine Rowzie Undeclared
Amaya Royster Music-BA
Christine Rubeiz Sociology
Aidan Rucker Biology
Rachel Ruhl Biology
Corinne Ruocco Psychology
Caitlyn Russ Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Madison Russell Psychology
Charles Russell Finance
Lauren Russell Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Taiylor Russell Psychology
Theodore Russell Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Margaret Russo Undeclared
Erin Rutan Computer Science
Ryan Saal Biochemistry
Opal Sadler Sociology
Tara Sadler Computer Science
Madelyn Sager Psychology
Roberto Salazar Psychology
Clara Salazar Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ellen Sammons Computer Science
Erin Sample Psychology
Victoria Sampson Social Work
Abigail Sams Political Science
Ariana Samuel Psychology
Gabriella San Diego Psychology
Jordan Sanchez Neuroscience
Ashley Sanfacon History
Brandon Sanger Psychology
Lauren Sanger Communication Studies
Erin Sanza English
Aarya Sapre Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicholas Sarvella Biochemistry
William Saunders Political Science
Nyah Savage Accounting
Brennen Savi Psychology
Maegan Savoie Biochemistry
Brenon Sawdy Information Science
Marissa Sawh Social Work
Felicity Saylor Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Isabella Schaub Theater
Peri Schiavone Communication Studies
Gia Schiavone Criminology
Nikole Schlevensky Studio Art
Jillian Schmid Psychology
Emily Schneider Political Science
Christopher Schnizer English
Kyle Schofield Psychology
Christopher Schram Marketing
John Schunder Undeclared
Allison Schurr Social Work
Daniel Scofield Mathematics
Jessica Scott Communication Studies
Sean Scraba Social Work
Alexander Sebold Finance
Emily Sedgwick Political Science
Emma Seguin Spanish
Ian Senz Undeclared
Henry Sergent Psychology
Cody Sessions Neuroscience
Joseph Shaffer Information Science
Anna Shapiro Communication Studies
Ashley Sharabi Sociology
Grace Sharlun Political Science
Alyson Sharp Marketing
Alora Sharron Marketing
Alexa Sharron Business-Undeclared
Abbey Shaw Sociology
Samuel Shear Communication Studies
Lydia Shearin Theater
Kelsey Shearon Neuroscience
Jessica Shelton Psychology
Hannah Shelton Management
Daniel Shelton Political Science
Kenneth Sheppard Computer Science
Stephen Sherrange Computer Science
Ella Shields Undeclared
Katelyn Shinault Management
Emily Shirai Psychology
Amanda Short Communication Studies
Anna Shortt Communication Studies
Lydia Showalter Communication Studies
Kendall Shumate Finance
Jonathan Sicher History
Benjamin Siebert Accounting
Micah Sieck Biology
Jakira Silas Sociology
Ann Silva Political Science
Lauren Sims Management
Micah Singer Finance
Kayla Singleton Anthropology
Ke'alani Sison Environmental Biology
Rebecca Sitrin Undeclared
Ryan Sivak Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Elizabeth Six Social Work
Christian Skrypski Computer Engineering
Malcolm Slaughter Cybersecurity
Katelyn Sloan Sociology
Erin Slupe Communication Studies
Monica Smallwood English
Sydney Smith English
Kelsie Smith Integrative Biology
Alexis Smith English
Christopher Smith Applied Physics
Samuel Smith Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Patricia Smith Music
Kobe Smith Finance
Jackson Smith History
Hannah Smith Neuroscience
Margaret Smith Social Work
Aidan Smith Music
Calvin Smith Undeclared
Taylor Smith Neuroscience
Quinn Smith-Perry Psychology
Talley Snider Marketing
Katherine Snidow Political Science
Jack Snowdon History
Sean Snyder Philosophy
Julia Sola Undeclared
Erin Solloway Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Edward Sonnie Communication Studies
William Soos Finance
Cooper Sorvig Marketing
Michael Sparks Economics-BA
Rebecca Spear Sociology
Lucas Spelsberg Environmental Studies
Margaret Spencer-Pick Environmental Studies
Joao Splett Finance
Nyasia Spriggs Economics-BA
Leanne Spring Marketing
Hannah Stadelmyer Music-BA
Emily Stanisha Electrical Engineering
Kayla Stanley Environmental Biology
Kirsten Starr Fine Arts
Naomi Starr Environmental Biology
Theodore Stathopoulos Chemistry
Zoe Stauffer Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Julia Steele Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Leah Steele Management
Hannah Steelman Social Work
Ethan Stein Communication Studies
Rachel Stephens Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicholas Stern Finance
Benjamin Sties Psychology
Adam Stillabower Computer Science
Haley Stimeling Communication Studies
Kaitlyn Stine English
Erin Stitt Psychology
Sydni Stock Biochemistry
Ella Stolz History
Kaitlyn Stone Organismal Biology
Chloe Stone Communication Studies
Megan Stone Criminology
Ethan Stowe Accounting
Carter Strain Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Carley Strausser Communication Studies
Joshua Striano Applied Physics
Robert Stribling Finance
Jordan Strickland Organismal Biology
Kellum Stripling Marketing
Olivia Strittmatter Organismal Biology
Bradley Strobel Political Science
Collin Stubbs Management
Miriam Stump Social Work
Emma Sturgeon Political Science
Luke Sturgeon Business-Undeclared
Maria Sturges Management
Natalie Sullivan Communication Studies
Chloe Sullivan History
Matthew Sundquist Political Science
Chloe Susens Psychology
Annaliese Sutton Psychology
Shelby Svilich History
Tatiane Swap Computational & Applied Math
Natalie Swarm Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Andrew Swartz Business-Undeclared
Samuel Swenson-Reinhold Philosophy
Miranda Swinson Political Science
Briahna Switzer Marketing
Danae Szuba Fine Arts
Sophia Taddeo Sociology
Faith Tanous Psychology
Dominic Tasselli Social Work
Madelyn Tatum Psychology
Madison Taylor Communication Studies
Colleen Taylor Psychology
Cassidy Taylor Communication Studies
Eric Taylor Philosophy
Grace Taylor Sociology
Katelyn Taylor Communication Studies
Matthew Taylor Management
Christian Teddy Computer Science
Ahmei Thevoz Marketing
Anna Thomas Communication Studies
Kathryn Thome Neuroscience
Grace Thome Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Helen Thompson Biology
Stephanie Thompson English
Remy Thompson Theater
Thalya Thompson Computer Science
Rachel Thornton Sociology
Peter Tillen Communication Studies
Katherine Tillen Political Science
Rosalia Tilmont Neuroscience
Kelly Timlen Psychology
Kally Timm Psychology
Camryn Tinsley Accounting
Nicholas Tipmongkol Communication Studies
Anna Tippett English
Marcel Tokhi Political Science
Isabella Toma Psychology
Lane Tomlinson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Mallory Tompkins Psychology
Alfonso Torres Information Systems
Alyson Toth Music-BA
Peyton Townsend Theater
Devin Townsend Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sarah Trachtenberg Psychology
Tessa Trate Psychology
Abbigail Traylor Psychology
James Tredinnick Political Science
Madison Treiber English
Kylie Tritaik Communication Studies
Samantha Tritt Electrical Engineering
Thomas Trott Organismal Biology
Kathryn Troyer Music
Caroline Tucker Theater
Megan Tucker Neuroscience
Robert Tucker Accounting
Matthew Tully Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sarah Turner Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Ashley Turner Music
Jordyn Turner Communication Studies
Maya Turner Communication Studies
Samuel Tyler Biochemistry
Jordan Usselman Psychology
Steven Utley Computer Engineering
Santiago Vallejo Orozco Computer Science
Angela Vallejos Criminology
Mollie Valorose Psychology
Alexandra Van Orden Communication Studies
Katherine VanderVennet Psychology
Victoria VanHout Theater
Katherine Vanik Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicholas Varcadipane Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Katherine Vaughan Sociology
Walker Venable Management
Jacob Venti Computational & Applied Math
Thomas Verry Marketing
Landri Vickers Biology
Taylor Vigil Sociology
Allison Vinis Music
Evelyn Vioral Psychology
Elizabeth Virts Biology
Noa Vizzaccaro Management
Daniel Vobrak Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Benjamin Vogan Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Nicholas Volles Neuroscience
Daniel Vorona Political Science
Summer Vu Accounting
Abigale Waclo Sociology
Ryan Wagner Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Christian Wagner Computer Science
Alessia Waitt English
Jared Wal Computer Science
Jack Waldman Economics-BA
Kendall Walker Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Noah Walker Electrical Engineering
Mary-Kathryn Walker Psychology
Brooke Wallace Psychology
Meghan Walters Psychology
Lauren Walters Neuroscience
Justine Walton Political Science
Laura Ward Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
William Ward Biochemistry
Sophia Warkentin Anthropology
Jack Wartell Computer Science
Tasneem Wasfy Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Landon Waterfield History
Eric Waterman Psychology
Jamison Waters Computer Science
Abigail Wathen Psychology
Kasey Watkins Music
Valerie Watson Communication Studies
Sydney Watts Management
Abigail Wax Political Science
Christina Webb Organismal Biology
Dylan Weber Marketing
Juliana Webster Criminology
Rachel Weeks Psychology
Shayne Weierbach Chemistry
Emery Weist Computer Engineering
Tyler Weldy History
Kyle Werntz Computer Science
Connor Werrlein Communication Studies
Claire Werrlein Psychology
Emma Wertz Psychology
Alyssa West Psychology
Davis West Finance
Madison West Biology
Trenton Wetsel Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Alexandra Wettengel Biology
Nicholas Wheatley History
Aidan Wheeler Finance
Natalie Wheeler English
Garrett Whitaker Organismal Biology
McKenzie White Social Work
Jennafer White English
Nathan White Neuroscience
Audrey White Environmental Biology
Ryan Whitehead Information Science
Tiyana Whitehead Undeclared
Zachary Whitener Finance
Taylor Whitescarver Psychology
Matthew Whitlock Psychology
Caroline Whitsed Psychology
Savannah Whitten Psychology
Harrison Whittleton Economics-BA
Grant Wiley Philosophy
Amanda Wilfong Marketing
Brooke Wilkinson Psychology
Alyssa Wilkinson Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Tamera Williams Accounting
Kayl Williams Theater
Christopher Williams Electrical Engineering
Paige Williams Psychology
Emma Williams Social Work
Jasmine Williams Biology
Lauren Willsey Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Henry Wilson Computer Engineering
Brianna Wilson Marketing
Morgan Wilson Management
Grace Wilson Psychology
Karrington Wilson Economics-BA
Rachel Wingfield Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jovia Winkey Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Jordan Winnett American Studies
Parker Wintink History
Hans Wirkkala Burkholder Undeclared
Anissa Wise History
Mark Witkowski Communication Studies
Katherine Witmer Sociology
Bradford Wolf Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Olivia Wong Organismal & Environ Biology
Matthew Wood Mathematics
Noah Wood Management
Olivia Wood Psychology
Jenna Woodburn Sociology
Sarah Woodring Finance
Elizabeth Woodward Computer Science
Allison Wooller Marketing
Timothy Woollum Management
Adam Wosahla Integrative Biology
Alyssa Wright Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Lily Wright Neuroscience
Rebekah Wright Psychology
Patrick Wright Environmental Biology
Daniel Wright Computational & Applied Math
James Wright Psychology
Benjamin Wright Computer Science
Emily Wright Undeclared
Andrew Wujick Chemistry
Tatyana Yates Communication Studies
Jake Yeager Psychology
Casey Yenyo Social Work
Amanda Yermal Neuroscience
Meaghan Yesford Theater
Hannah Yetter French
Sophanit Yohannes Music-BA
Aubrey Yokum Management
Taylor Yokum Psychology
Chloe Younce Psychology
Carter Young Social Work
Sadie Young Communication Studies
Alexander Zannelli Biology
Kirsten Zeigler Marketing
Adam Zemp History
Kyra Ziegler Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
James Ziegler Marketing
Brooke Zimmerman Psychology
Zachary Zimmerman History
Tyler Zimmermann Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Sienna Zimmermann Sociology
Jessica Zimmermann Neuroscience
Haylee Zornow Cell, Molecular & Phys Biology
Matthew Zorumski Computer Engineering
Jared Zupan Electrical Engineering
Joshua Zutell Computer Engineering
Nicholas Zywicki Business-Undeclared

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