Photo of the research team, from left to right, John Herrmann, Daniel Wright, Dr. Iordanka Panayotova, Nathan Kolling and Emily Adams

Math Professor Awarded NSF Grant

Christopher Newport students to explore innovations in computational sciences.

Above: The CNU research team: (left to right) John Herrmann, Daniel Wright, Dr. Iordanka Panayotova, Nathan Kolling, Emily Adams. Logan Lawson (not pictured) is also on the team.

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Dr. Iordanka Panayotova, assistant professor of mathematics, in collaboration with Dr. Maila Brucal-Hallare of Norfolk State University, has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to support undergraduate research in applied mathematics.

Five Christopher Newport and four NSU students will study the math behind wireless power transmission systems used in medical devices, cancer-killing oncolytic viruses and multi-species fish interactions in the Chesapeake Bay. The grant also provides stipends to the students and funds their attendance at an academic conference at the end of their research experience.

“This program will develop students’ enthusiasm for the mathematical and computational sciences, provide mentorship, and help them develop essential research skills that will prepare them for success in graduate school and their careers,” Panayotova said.

Panayotova teaches a variety of mathematics courses at Christopher Newport and is an expert in mathematical modeling and simulation. She holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a PhD from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

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