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Photo of students, faculty and staff looking at the flag of Ukraine on the Great Lawn at Christopher Newport University

Flag of Ukraine Raised Over the Great Lawn

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Photo of Dr. Olga Lipatova speaking with the flag of Ukraine behind her
Olga Lipatova

Today at 12:00 noon, over 500 students, faculty and staff gathered on the Great Lawn to underscore their solidarity with the heroic people of Ukraine who are fighting for their lives and freedom. President Paul Trible and Professor Olga Lipatova spoke briefly.

President Trible said:

“The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a tragic moment in history that will shape events in our world for many, many years to come. It should remind us that we are all richly blessed as Americans and it should also remind us that we live in a hard and dangerous world and America must be strong and vigilant and always willing to protect freedom and preserve peace. That will require that we are knowledgeable and engaged citizens of the world and it will also require leadership and sacrifice.

People around the world have been inspired by the courage of the Ukrainian people and today we raise the flag of Ukraine to remind us of our blessings and responsibilities as citizens of the world and to say we stand with the people of Ukraine.”

Psychology Professor Dr. Olga Lipatova, who was born in Ukraine, then spoke:

“I am glad we live in a time and place where it is considered wrong, inhumane and not tolerable when a superpower attempts to take over an entire nation, strip its freedom, its values and its independence. Such actions shake the world,” Lipatova said. “I see this flag on this campus as a symbol of our unwillingness to revert back to the time of conquering nations and prioritizing military defenses above education and health care. I see it as a call for love and global peace among all nations.”

Dr. Lipatova then raised the flag of her homeland to the playing of Ukraine’s National Anthem. It was a moving and memorable moment for everyone.

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