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Various shades of blue and gray hearts line the top and bottom of the image. In the center is Captain Chris, with one hand holding two roses, one white and one light pink against his chest. One hand is extended offering a bright pink rose.

Cupid and Captains

What’s love got to do with it? At CNU, everything

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We asked Captains for Life if they had found a partner for life here at Christopher Newport. We figured we would get a few responses. We were wrong. Heartwarming notes about great loves born by the Great Lawn are pouring in.

Here’s a sampling of CNU love stories from Facebook:

  • We met the first day, lived right next to each other in York River in 2007. Married 13 yrs! - Melanie Bahr Mesick
  • Met my husband in Dr Bankes' Biology lab in 1989. Got married in 1991, and still together - Kim Boyer Phillips
  • My husband and I met in Einstein’s! We’ll have been together 20 years next year- M.k. Martin Vance
  • Thank you CNU crushes for bringing me and Brenden Leonard together!!! - Olivia Dwyer
  • Claudia Moreau and Chase Ziegler. Class of 2019. Due to be married in September.

Congratulations to Claudia and Chase and all the happy couples. And, if you haven’t found your Valentine yet, come back for a visit or for Homecoming and discover the significant other who will make your life of significance complete.

Click on each photo below to read a few love stories.

Connor and Rachel '24
Maya and Andrew '23
Brittany and Ron Vasquez '14
Richard and Lara on their wedding day
Julia and Sally in front of Christopher Newport Hall
Matt lifting up wife Cynthia on their wedding day
Jordan and Kimberly in formal attire outdoors
Caitlyn and Zack on a football field. Zack is in a Captains football uniform.
Aidan and Beverly in formalwear
Shomari and Leah standing on the top of a building. Leah is wearing a stole and her graduation cap.
Devon and Matt Miller with their two children
Nick and Malory standing in front of the James River Hall sign as groom and bride
Jay and Molly wearing their Marching Captains uniforms
Erin and Morgan in business attire holding drinks
Jackson holds Norah as he kisses her
Juliana and Nick stand in front of the Goose Fountain with their two daughters Felicity and Zoey
Beth and Greg smiling for a photo in a darkly lit room. Beth holds a little sign that reads Happy Anniversary
A selfie of Danielle and Aaron in formalwear
Andy and Emilee stand atop a hill overlooking a town and the ocean
Seth and Kara hold hands while walking on CNU's campus
Victoria and Jacob sit on a brick pathway in front of a residence hall on CNU's campus with their dog.
Eric and Caitrin with their two children
Cait and Eric on their wedding day leaning against a column on CNU's campus
Bill and Sya LaManque
Melody and Zach sit on their bed with their three children
Jennifer and Connor as bride and groom on their wedding day inside a church
Kathryn and Ian stand in an archway on campus backlit
Olga and Adin stand in front of a Christmas tree
Michael and Jennifer
Kristina, Madison, Megan, Morgan and Heath
Matthew, Alexis and their cat
Lizzy and Nate with their children in the DSU
Will and Victoria on Victoria's graduation day
Grant and Kristen
Hannah and Michael on their wedding day
Ben and Kacy on their wedding day

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