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A group of students in lilac t-shirts create kits for victims of sexual assault at the Fear2Freedom offices.

From Teal Ribbons to Blue Jeans

Array of events mark Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Above: Students create kits for victims of sexual assault at Fear2Freedom's headquarters during Day One of Service.

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The University is planning its first-ever commemoration of National Denim Day on April 24, one of a series of events recognizing Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

National Denim Day was started 25 years ago to protest a supreme court ruling in Italy. A judge determined a rape victim was wearing tight jeans which her assailant would have needed her help to remove, therefore she must have consented to sex. Organizers say wearing denim on National Denim Day demonstrates solidarity with assault victims.

The Denim Day observance also sparks conversation about why people are raped. It sheds light on the truth that no clothing or behavior invites rape, and that blame is solely on the rapist. The University’s SAVE (Sexual Assault and Violence Education) Committee is planning activities before and during National Denim Day to support efforts to end sexual violence.

Other Sexual Assault Awareness Month activities on campus include:

  • A teal ribbon will adorn the David Student Union staircase. Teal is the color connected to Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A teal tree will be on display in the DSU atrium throughout April. People are invited to tie a ribbon to the branch of the tree if they or someone they know has ever experienced sexual assault.
  • On April 2 from 5-6:30 p.m., SAVE will partner with Where’s the Line, a student organization, for an educational event, Hour 2 Empower, held in concert with the Fear2Freedom organization in the DSU Ballroom.
  • On April 10, from 1-2:00 p.m., Walk in Their Shoes event will utilize the TowneBank Stadium track for a walk honoring those affected by sexual violence.
  • On April 16, from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. SAVE will be passing out red flags, encouraging the campus community to pledge to be an active bystander.

For additional information on these events or resources to support survivors of sexual assault or sexual violence, please visit the SAVE Committee's website.

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