Gayle Dow

Department of Psychology - Honors Program

Gayle Dow

Associate Professor

Forbes Hall 2033
(757) 594-7918


  • Ph D in Educational Psychology, Indiana University
  • MA in Cognitive Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • AA in General Education, Saddleback College
  • MA in Experimental Psychology, California State University, Fullerton
  • BA in Experimental Psychology, California State University


Creative and Critical Thinking, Science of Evil, Statistics


Creativity, Malevolent Creativity, Problem Solving,


Gayle T. Dow is a Psychology Professor at Christopher Newport University teaching courses in critical and creative thinking, science of evil, statistics, and research methods and directing the Creativity Research Lab. She has published several articles on creativity and problem solving.

  • Journal Article, Professional Journal
    Dow, G.T. and Kozlowski, K (2020). The creative brain. Educational Leadership Special Edition in Learning and the Brain, 77(8). Educational Leadership. Volume, 77. Issue, 8. Pages, 44-49.
  • Encyclopedia Article
    (2020). Dow, G.T (in press). Parallel parenting, In Hartenstein (Eds.) Marriage and Divorce in America Issues, Trends, and Controversies.
  • Encyclopedia Article
    (2020). Dow, G.T (2020). Learning Differences, In Runco, M.A and Pritzker S. (Eds) Encyclopedia of Creativity. San Diego: Academic Press.. Encyclopedia of Creativity.
  • Journal Article, Professional Journal
    (2019). Dow, G.T. and Davis, L. (Dec, 2019). Turn ‘em loose. Promoting growth mindset. Virginia Journal of Education. Virginia Journal of Education.
  • Gayle Dow, Olga Lipatova, South Eastern Psychological Association, "Changes in Oxytocin and Cortisol Levels Following Competitive Group Problem Solving Task," Jacksonville, FL. (2019)
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