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Jared Kreiner

Department of History - Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Jared Kreiner


McMurran Hall 331


  • Ph D in History, University of Chicago
  • MA in History, University of Chicago
  • BA in Classical Studies, Christopher Newport University


Jared's teaching focuses on indigenous and subaltern populations’ discrepant experiences of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern empires/states and Greco-Roman socio-political history.

Ancient Rome; Ancient Revolts; Ancient Greece; Latin; Greco-Roman-Byzantine War and Society


Roman Empire (31 BCE - 265 CE); Roman Imperialism; Indigenous Revolts; Roman Provincial Administration; History of Roman Military Units; Social History of Roman Military


Jared Kreiner is excited to return to Christopher Newport University, where he received BAs in History and Classical Studies. He also received MAs in History from Salisbury and Chicago, and his PhD in History from the University of Chicago. At the core of his research, Jared is interested in how Rome interacted with and governed indigenous populations as well as the social and military history of the imperial Roman military. His current book project, Administration and Provincial Revolts in the Early Roman Empire, 31 BCE-68 CE, approaches indigenous revolts against Rome through the institutions ascribed by ancient authors as the cause of provincial revolts (census, taxation, conscription, and the military).

Selected Accomplishments

  • Conference Proceeding
    The Impact of the Tacfarinian Revolt Beyond Africa. Cambridge Scholars Press.
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    (2021). Overburdened Gauls: the case of Florus and Sacrovir’s revolt of 21 CE. Journal of Ancient History. Volume, 9. Issue, 1. Pages, 37.
  • Jared Kreiner, LIMES Congress XXV, "Challenges for Auxilia Veterans in Going Home," Nijmegen, The Netherlands. (2022)
  • Jared Kreiner, International Ancient Warfare Conference 2022, "The Impact of the Tacfarinian Revolt Beyond Africa," Virtual. (2022)
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