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Qingyan Tian

Department of Leadership and American Studies

Qingyan Tian


Luter Hall 217
(757) 594-8292


  • Ph D in Educational Leadership, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MA in English Language and Literature, Sichuan University (China)
  • BA in Education, Northwest Normal University (China)


Globalization & Leadership; Culture & Leadership; Systems Thinking; Leadership Theories; Globalization Theories; Leadership in Global Conflicts; Leadership in Global Poverty Reduction; Academic Presidency


Globalization, culture, leadership and their impacts to human societies
Role of leadership in global problems


Tian Qingyan holds a Ph.D. in educational leadership, organization and policy with a concentration in global studies of higher education and leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has more than 30 years of experience working globally as a university faculty member, administrator, and consultant. Currently, she serves as the Provost’s Special Assistant for International Outreach while holding a faculty appointment at the Department of Leadership and American Studies at Christopher Newport University (CNU). Leadership courses she has taught and developed include Globalization and Leadership; Cross-Cultural Leadership; Leadership in Complex Contexts: Systems Thinking, Culture, and Leadership; Leadership Theories and Research; Qualitative Methodology in Leadership Studies; Leadership Through the Ages; Values Leadership; and Self, Group, and Leadership. Prior to coming to the United States, she was an associate professor of American Studies and English Language at Ocean University of China.
Dr. Tian’s consulting areas include global strategies and leadership, leadership program development, higher education internationalization, and academic presidency. Organizations she has worked with include the supranational, regional, national, and local levels across private, public, and education sectors such as the United Nations; Kosovo Ministry of Education; Chinese Ministry of Education; Caterpillar Inc., Nike, Siemens, Bayer; American Council on Education, University of Missouri, Beijing University, Charles University, Trier University; and many others.
Her recent major publications include three books on leadership: Glocalization and the developing of a hybrid leadership model--A study of Chinese university presidency (author), Perspectives on change in the American system of higher education, and Footprints to success in the academy (chief editor). Her current research attempts to bridge globalization, leadership, and research methodology. Two research projects she is leading globally now include Leadership in War, Peace, & Prosperity: A Case Study of Kosovo (principal investigator); and Leadership in Global Poverty Eradication (principal investigator).

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