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Rik Chakraborti

Department of Economics

Rik Chakraborti

Assistant Professor

Luter Hall 219
(757) 594-8600


  • Ph D in Economics, University of Wyoming
  • MS in Economics, University of Oregon
  • MA in Economics, Jadavpur University, India
  • BS in Ecomonics, University of Burdwan, India


Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, International Trade, Behavioral and Experimental Economics


Environmental Economics, Behavioral Economics, International Trade and the Environment


I am an applied microeconomist with broad interests. I was born close to Kolkata---a melting pot of colors and cultures (sometimes it literally felt like a melting pot because of the heat)---India, and I spent the first 25 years of my life there, before ending up first in the lush rain-swept greenery of the pacific northwest (Eugene, OR) for my Master's, and then in the spectacular, and bitterly cold, high plains of the Midwest (Laramie, WY) for my PhD. In my spare time, I like to fish, play and/or listen to music, go on hikes, check out breweries, and read. I've been known to try all of these activities at once. The consequences, thankfully, still remain unknown.
Please see http://www.rikchakraborti.com/bio for a detailed bio.

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  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    (2021). Learning to Hoard: the Effects of Preexisting and Surprise Price-Gouging Regulation during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Consumer Policy.
  • Working Paper
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  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    (2021). Anti-Price Gouging Laws, Shortages, and COVID-19: Insights from Consumer Searches. Journal of Private Enterprise. Volume, 35. Issue, 4. Pages, 1-20.
  • Working Paper
    Property Rights and the Factor Content of Trade: A Product-Level Test of Apparent Comparative Advantage. FREIT (Forum for Research In Empirical International Trade). Issue, # 1735.
  • Journal Article, Academic Journal
    (2018). Social Capital and the Voluntary Contribution to Public Goods. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. Volume, 77. Issue, December, 2018. Pages, 196-208.
  • Rik Chakraborti, Alexandre Skiba, Edward Barbier, Western Economic Association International Annual Conference, "Property Rights and the Factor Content of Trade: A Product-Level Test of Apparent Comparative Advantage," Portland. (2022)
  • Rik Chakraborti, ICAR-sponsored 10-day online workshop on "Attracting Rural Youth for Entrepreneurship Development in Dairy Enterprises.", "Dare to Dairy? The Economics of Competitive Entrepreneurship," West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences (Online). (2022)
  • Rik Chakraborti, Academy of Business Research Summer 2020 Online Conference, "The Hidden Costs of Anti-Price Gouging Laws: Negative Spillovers of Shortage-Induced Consumer Search Spikes," (2020)
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  • Rik Chakraborti, Gavin Roberts, "Center for Growth and Opportunity Research Grant," Sponsored by Utah State University
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