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Office of the Registrar

Requesting to Take Courses Elsewhere

Current Christopher Newport students must seek prior approval from the The Transfer Center before enrolling in any courses elsewhere. Current students may request approval by completing the Request to Take Courses Elsewhere (RTCE) form available through CNU Live. In granting approval, Christopher Newport will determine whether a course equivalent currently exists, and if so, perform a degree analysis to determine whether the course equivalent will satisfy a specific requirement for the student, whether the course duplicates credit already earned, and whether the course will count toward the student’s degree progress. If approval is granted, students will be notified of the approval via email. Students must request an official transcript from the institution awarding credit to be sent to Christopher Newport for review upon completion of the course(s) elsewhere in order for transfer credit to be awarded.

Virginia Tidewater Consortium (VTC)

Students may request to take a course(s) at a member institution of the VTC when such action is necessary and the course is not available at Christopher Newport. Current students must request approval in advance by completing the RTCE Form available through CNU Live or on the forms section of the Office of the Registrar website. Participation in the VTC requires additional paperwork and has additional requirements. If approval is granted, students will be notified of the approval via email and will be sent additional paperwork from The Transfer Center. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate signatures by the VTC representatives at the home and host institutions on the cross-registration form.

Courses taken through the VTC will be recorded on the student’s Christopher Newport transcript with the letter grade earned and will be computed in the student’s grade point average (GPA). A VTC institution will not issue a transcript to a cross-registered student whom it hosts. The grading system of the home institution (Christopher Newport) will apply to cross-registered students. Tuition will be charged by the home institution for a cross-registered course. The cross-registrant must assume all costs (e.g., transportation, books, materials, lab fees, applied music fees).

Please note that a maximum of 11 credits or three courses with required labs completed through the VTC may be applied toward degree completion.

Christopher Newport and the following institutions are members of the VTC:

  • Eastern Shore Community College
  • Hampton University
  • Norfolk State University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Paul D. Camp Community College
  • Regent University
  • Tidewater Community College
  • Virginia Peninsula Community College
  • Virginia Wesleyan College
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