Captains Relaunch

Social Contract

Each of us is responsible for every one of us.

We are a students first campus. We practice empathy, respect and openness. In these new and unique circumstances, our students first value must extend to all of our people. It includes the responsibility of each of us to care for ourselves and everyone we encounter during the course of a day.

Each member of the faculty and staff and every student will be expected to accept responsibility for their own health and persistently protect every member of the Christopher Newport community from the spread of COVID–19 as required by the university and listed below. This includes reminding members of our community to comply with these expectations.

As a member of the Christopher Newport University community, I pledge to protect myself, protect others and protect our CNU community. I will:

  • Conduct daily personal health checks
  • Wear a cloth face covering
  • Wash hands often and engage in diligent personal hygiene routines
  • Practice physical distancing of no less than 6 feet
  • Limit gatherings on and off campus to the size allowed under the policies of the university and Commonwealth of Virginia orders
  • Abstain from hosting any visitor(s) in my residence hall room who is not a resident of that building
  • Keep personal property and space clean and sanitized
  • Inform the university immediately and take all necessary steps to separate myself from others if I get tested for COVID–19, test positive for COVID–19 and/or I have been asked to isolate/quarantine
    • Students must email or call the Office of Student Affairs at or (757) 594–7160
    • Faculty and staff must contact Human Resources at or (757) 594–7145, and their department chair and dean or supervisor
  • Cooperate with university officials if/when contacted regarding symptom screenings and/or other university requests
  • Comply with new directives from national, state and local health officials as directed by the university

Refusal to comply with university policies and directives jeopardizes the health of our community and beyond, and can result in a student’s immediate removal from residence halls and/or on-campus classes. Faculty and staff who refuse to comply with these university directives may be subject to disciplinary action.

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