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Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering

Information Science

Information managers are often asked to solve complex problems in the business world that require diverse skill sets. This program develops essential skills in business, computer science, economics, mathematics and psychology through:

  • Project management and planning
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems design and implementation
  • Network infrastructure
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Database management

We also offer a minor in information science.

Sample Courses

For students majoring in business or information science and those wanting a more in-depth understanding of and competence in the use of spreadsheets, databases and database management. Covers creation of complex spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, and database queries and management using Microsoft Access.

Introduction to information systems profession. Tools and techniques for profiling organizations and analyzing their goals and needs to determine and specify information systems requirements. Practical experience in real-life information systems analysis.

This course addresses the managerial and informational needs of an organization through the use of transaction processing systems, management information systems, and decision support systems. It introduces students to systems analysis concepts and methodologies for effective information system design and development. Software based exercises and assignments using spreadsheets and databases are employed in class.

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