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Department of Philosophy and Religion

After Graduation

  • The faculty gave me focused attention, support and encouragement, and opened doors for me with personalized research and study abroad opportunities. The curriculum honed my skills in critical thinking, analytical writing and cross-cultural engagement – all of which contributed to my recent acceptance to Oxford University for graduate studies in museum anthropology.

    Susan Degnan '16
    • Susan Degnan
    • Class of 2016
  • Being a philosophy major helped me master critical thinking, reasoning and writing skills that I use daily. The well-roundedness of the curriculum has helped me connect with people across cultures, and engage in conversation about what they value and how we can work together to influence the next generation for good.

    Ryan King '16
    • Ryan King
    • Class of 2015
  • From Harvard to Georgetown, the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department has provided me the tools necessary for a successful academic career. Thanks to the encouragement and instruction I received I can, with confidence and wisdom, work toward building healthy Muslim-Christian interactions and understandings in the U.S. and abroad.

    Shelton Nalley '12
    • Shelton Nalley
    • Class of 2012
  • Many people don't understand the benefits of majoring in philosophy. I owe much of my success in law school to my philosophy degree. It prepared me for the analytical thinking and logical argumentation essential for the practice of law. Additionally, it made me a superior writer, which led to my publication in Penn State Law Review.

    Sidney McCoy '15
    • Sidney McCoy
    • Class of 2015
  • My time at CNU more than prepared me for law school. It taught me how to think, how to analyze and how to dissect. I've been able to develop my legal abilities and gain employment with the Chief Judge of a U.S. Court of Appeals and a leading law firm.

    Brandon McCune '15
    • Brandon McCune
    • Class of 2015
  • Majoring in philosophy positively impacted my personal and intellectual growth. The faculty were vital mentors to me, and offered me numerous research opportunities. The critical thinking and leadership skills I acquired have proven to be immensely valuable as I pursue a career in occupational therapy.

    Marianne Capps
    • Marianne Capps
    • Class of 2015

At Christopher Newport, philosophy and religious studies majors are uniquely qualified for life after graduation in a variety of ways:

  • The nature of philosophical and religious inquiry invites you to reflect on how a vocation is not just a job, but a calling. Our majors cultivate both the job skills and life commitments that lead to more fulfilling careers.
  • Our emphasis on critical-thinking skills, analytic problem solving and holistic analysis helps our majors score among the highest of all majors on admissions tests for law school, medical school and graduate school.
  • These same skills uniquely prepare you for lasting success in any career path you pursue, placing you among the highest mid-career salary earners of all majors in fields outside of science, technology, engineering and math.

Drawing on this multi-level vocational development, philosophy majors regularly pursue exciting careers in:

  • Writing
  • Publishing
  • Political strategy
  • Teaching
  • Criminology
  • Law
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Counseling
  • Technology
  • Government

Religious studies and pre-seminary students regularly pursue meaningful careers as a:

  • Minister
  • Counselor
  • Advocate
  • Crisis manager
  • Teacher
  • Denominational publisher
  • Religious education director
  • Church administrator
  • Missionary

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