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Pre-Law Program


Dr. Michelle Kundmueller

Dr. Michelle Kundmueller is an assistant professor in the Department of Leadership and American Studies, and an attorney and political scientist.

Following her liberal arts education at Flagler College, she attended law school at the University of Notre Dame and then practiced law in Chicago for five years. In her civil litigation practice, which focused on torts and contract disputes, she developed the theoretical and practical knowledge of law that guides her current pre-law advising. Kundmueller experienced both the rigors and the beauties of the practice of law, and believes both should be shared with students exploring the possibility of a future as an attorney.

Eventually leaving the practice of law to pursue a doctorate in political theory at Notre Dame, Kundmueller continues to devote much of her research to legal scholarship and has published in the First Amendment Law Review. She teaches many law-related courses, including Law in Literature and Film and Moot Court, and has active legal research projects – one on the influence of Martin Luther King Jr.’s natural law theory on American political rhetoric and another on the theoretical origins of the rhetorical style of Atticus Finch.

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