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International Freshman Admission

Application Review

Admission review is not just about comparing the test scores and grades presented by applicants. Our holistic review of your application considers all aspects of your background and finds students for whom Christopher Newport is the right fit.

Academic Record

We expect to see a record of academic success and consider factors such as the context of your school, the difficulty level in your courses and trends in your grades. We consider the varying academic environments at different schools, as well as your extracurricular involvement. All academic records must be in English.

We look for demonstrated success in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge or other advanced work. If applicable, include official results and certificates of completion from national secondary school examinations.

If available, we use the cumulative GPA provided by your high school. The middle 50 percent high school GPA range for our freshman class is 3.5–4.0 (4.0 scale).

Transcript Evaluation

We strongly recommend using an official credential evaluator to provide a review of your credentials in terms of their U.S. equivalents. The official credential evaluator must send a copy of the review directly to the Office of Admission. Submitting a transcript with an official credential evaluation will expedite the admission review process.

English Proficiency Exams

If English is not your native language, you must submit an English proficiency exam score. We accept multiple English proficiency exams, including TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, MELAB and ISE. International applicants must meet a minimum exam score in order to be admitted.


If you are a native English speaker, or your language of instruction in high school is English, you should submit either SAT or ACT scores. If you submit both the ACT and SAT, we use the most favorable score when making an admission decision.
The middle 50 percent Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math SAT range for our fall 2017 freshman class was 1140-1280. The middle 50 percent ACT composite range was 23-27.

Financial Resources

International students who require an F-1 visa must show proof of funding for the full cost of attendance for one year. Complete the Financial Resources Statement to show the source(s) of your funding and submit supporting documents such as an official bank statement, affidavit or official award letter as proof. These documents must be fewer than six months old.

Additional Factors

We also seek students with demonstrated leadership ability, a commitment to service and pride in their communities, exemplary talents, and diverse life experiences. Letters of recommendation, the Common Application essay and interviews allow the admission committee to recognize these personal qualities.

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