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Creative Studies

The bachelor of arts degree program in creative studies is designed for students who want an outstanding education in music irrespective of career goals. These students intend to pursue a career in music, particularly in recording, sound production and music technology.

This course is designed to introduce students to the principles and techniques of digital media and their specific application to an artistic process. During the course of the semester students will complete exercises, projects and participate in critiques, in order to develop a working knowledge of computer media as a tool for artistic expression and experimentation. While students learn software techniques, the emphasis is on applying digital technologies to the development of the student’s artistic practice. Students will be introduced to ‘new media’ history and theory. The student must purchase all personal and expendable art material.

In this course students explore dance within the umbrella term of modern dance. A practical and rigorous physical course, students will be introduced to a variety of approaches to modern and contemporary postmodern techniques for movement and creative decision making. Students will be in the studio and dancing each class in addition to engaging in readings and discussions providing historical, creative and anatomical support for approaches to modern dance techniques. Previous dance experience is helpful but not necessary. May require attendance of productions outside of scheduled class times.

The format of the project can be a research paper, a multimedia project, or a lecture-recital. The major theme must include exploring pervasive cross-cultural and/or interdisciplinary influences in music. Required will be an analysis of the information from multiple sources to understand a proposed topic; a synthesis of information from multiple music disciplines (theory, history, performance, technology, etc.) to address the issue; a skillful presentation and defense of value judgments on the chosen topic; a demonstration of effective qualitative research methods; and the understanding of the importance of professional presentation of material and self-presentation. The selected capstone project requires approval by the supervising faculty member and the department chair before it is allowed to commence.

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