Department of Music


The bachelor of music degree program in performance is designed for students who demonstrate exceptional talent, who are clearly committed to a life of ongoing practice and professional development, and who have a passion to perform. It is common at Christopher Newport for students to double major in performance and pre-certification, allowing you to become both an outstanding performer and dedicated educator.

This course explores publishing, music notation, digital recording and video techniques. Finale music notation software is used for notation and MIDI playback, and GarageBand software is used for sound recording and MIDI sequencing. Creating and editing musical scores for printing and publication are a major focus of the course.

Chromatic Harmony explores secondary function, modulation, form, mode mixture, and the Neapolitan chord. Through part-writing and analysis, students learn to recognize and use these common chromatic techniques.

A comprehensive study of orchestral groups focusing on instrumentation and literature from the earliest beginnings to the present. Special emphasis is placed on major works, composers, stylistic changes, programming, and error detection. Students read and discuss a variety of material to develop the knowledge and pedagogical skills necessary to become effective teachers, scholars, and musicians.

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