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The bachelor of music degree program in pre-certification (instrumental/choral) is part of the five-year, bachelor of music/master of arts in teaching degree programs leading to teacher certification. This dual-degree program is designed for the teacher-scholar who is preparing to become a master musician, educator and mentor. Maintaining high academic standards while observing and teaching numerous hours in the public schools, students in this program become highly sought-after music educators, many of whom are awarded “Teacher of the Year” within their first few years of teaching.

This course introduces students to the comprehensive musicianship skills necessary to build a successful music education program including creating, responding, performing and connecting concepts within the discipline. It provides an overview of the multifaceted nature of K-12 music teaching and learning and serves as a foundation for the construction of students’ own beliefs and practices as a music teacher. Guided field observations in a variety of settings are part of the course in order to prepare students for observations in more advanced music education coursework.

Instruction, literature, and teaching methods for flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and saxophone. Students teach in one-on-one and class settings and are required to complete a total of six hours of observation in the public schools.

This course is designed to prepare pre-certification majors to teach general music in the elementary music classroom. It requires the student to imagine, engage, play, and reflect upon musical experiences of children. You will also be asked to convey, design, and engage others in musical experiences that could be used in an elementary music classroom. We will survey and experience a wide scope of developmental theories and music methods and you will be asked to apply these concepts in your own teaching.

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