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International Symposia for Emerging Conductors

The International Symposia for Emerging Conductors (ISEC) is a series of workshops held regularly throughout the world to enhance the studies, skills and cultural awareness of young conductors, including Christopher Newport students.

ISEC programs offer students daily podium time with an ensemble, instant feedback from highly experienced educators, clinics on topics determined by the host directors, and activities that enhance the participants’ knowledge and appreciation of the music and culture of the host country.

Costs, Eligibility and Application

No tuition is charged and any student who is 18 years or older and has attained fundamental conducting skills is eligible to apply. For more information on the simple application process, contact Dr. Lopez or Dr. Reimer.


ISEC is a collection of dynamic, highly committed conducting faculty from around the world whose goal is to share outstanding learning opportunities for young conducting students.

John Lopez

Dr. John Lopez

Director of athletic bands, conductor of the University Concert Band and the Trombone Choir

(757) 594-8791

Mark Reimer

Dr. Mark Reimer

Director of music, conductor of the Wind Ensemble

(757) 594-7074

Other ISEC Conductors include:

  • Argentina - Luis Pérez
  • Belgium - Bart Picqueur
  • Brazil - Monica Giardini
  • Canada - Colleen Richardson, Cynthia Johnston Turner
  • Cyprus - Yiannis Miralis
  • England - Crispin Ward
  • Estonia - Bert Langeler, Sirly Illak-Oluvere, Hando Põldmäe, Toomas Vavilov
  • Finland - Anna-Leena Lumme, Sami Ruusuvuori
  • Germany - Susanne Bader, Marc Lange, Toni Scholl
  • Israel - Uri Reisner
  • Italy - Denis Salvini
  • Latvia - Janis Purins
  • Luxembourg - Laurence Steichen
  • The Netherlands - Joop Boerstoel
  • Norway - Arild Andersen
  • Spain - Isabel Gonzáles Villar
  • Sweden - Claudio Re
  • U.S. - Robert J. Ambrose, Dr. John Lopez, Dr. Mark Reimer

ISEC is not a business or a formal organization. It is a collection of conducting faculty from around the world whose goal is to share learning opportunities for conducting students. Each host is responsible for the quality and operation of their own Symposium. Christopher Newport University provides this webpage for the Symposia but is neither affiliated with nor responsible for its activities.

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