Center for Sustainability in Education - Center for Sustainability in Education - Christopher Newport University

The Center for Sustainability in Education (CSE) was founded in 2020 with funding from the Redekop Family Endowment. Our mission is to embed sustainability in the academic lives of students, faculty and staff.

The CSE is a hub for students, faculty, staff and community leaders to work together to explore complex themes at the nexus of human and ecological well-being. The center creates and supports opportunities for learning about sustainability through coursework, research, co-curricular activities and civic engagement. In essence, the CSE is a fulcrum for leveraging the best of the liberal arts to learn about and solve sustainability challenges.

A sustainable society has clean air, clean water, a safe climate, resilient and biologically diverse natural systems, strong communities, healthy people, economic opportunity, and living wages. A sustainable society is also, necessarily, just, equitable, inclusive, without violence and without racism. To be successful, the sustainability movement must be anti-racist. To be effective agents of change within the movement, we must engage in anti-racist work.

The CSE staff condemns the systemic racism that is responsible for violence and harm perpetrated against black, indigenous and people of color. We commit ourselves to anti-racist action. We will listen, educate ourselves, examine our biases, actively support groups working against racism and strive to make anti-racism a focus of our work. We welcome your thoughts on how to evolve our work to be reliable allies in ending racism and to engage in processes that maximize the ability for people and our planet to thrive together in perpetuity.

Some content adapted from Dickinson College’s Center for Sustainability Education Anti-Racism Statement.


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