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Inspiring Leadership

Joy. Purpose. Compassion. Leadership. Honor. Service. That is who we are. It is what makes Christopher Newport different, distinctive and precious.

Those values are the foundation of Inspiring Leadership. This initiative will shape our work and direct our goals and energy for the next two years. It will elevate Christopher Newport’s position and reputation, and allow us to share on a much broader landscape our vision, values, and mission. It will prove to the world the power of a life of significance. It will touch every aspect of all we do at Christopher Newport and it will only succeed with your help.

Tell the Story

Help us tell the story. Share your suggestions for stories about Christopher Newport students and graduates who are leading meaningful and consequential lives – leading lives of significance. They could be doing that through their professions, their community service or some other aspect of their lives. The stories can also be told by well-known and respected people and organizations outside our community.

From those suggestions, University Relations will produce stories for our website, social media (#CNUInspires), Voyages magazine and other publications that are proof points, that we do what we say we do. Those stories will then be shared broadly to reach as wide an audience as possible, including those who are unfamiliar with the impact and excellence of this University and our graduates.

Celebrate Milestones

Over the next two years, we will enjoy an incredible array of anniversaries touching every area of the University. Our 60th anniversary in 2021 is the big one but there are many more events that will generate energy across our community and be a cause for celebration for a variety of different groups across campus and beyond.

Please participate in these celebrations so you can foster a deeper appreciation for the mosaic of experiences that inspire us to leadership. Here’s a partial list of what will unfold at Christopher Newport over the next two years:

30th Anniversary of LifeLong Learning, 10th Anniversary of the Wason Center, 30th Anniversary of TheaterCNU, 20th Anniversary of the Marching Captains and so many more.

Make a Difference

We know that so many of us – faculty, staff, students and alumni – are engaged and serving in so many ways across our communities, commonwealth, country and the world. With your help we will record those hours and create a social impact statement.

We will also ask you to make new time commitments to the organizations that matter most to you and to support Christopher Newport projects that are raised up over the next two years. We will all have the opportunity to contribute in multiple ways to the betterment of our world both financially and through the gift of our time.

As the stories of our graduates are told and our milestones celebrated, our community’s passion for service and generosity will be reaffirmed and enhanced.