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The main square at Korea University. Students walk around it during the day.

Captains Abroad: Getting Involved

Checking out student activities and clubs on Korea University's campus.

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A few weeks ago there was a club fair at the university. It felt a bit similar to the one at CNU, but there was a lot more to do at the Korea University club fair. While the clubs at CNU mostly offer merch rather than activities, the clubs at KU were the other way around.

I got to shoot at a target for the Rifle club(it was plastic of course), take a quiz for the Anime and Manga club, and I even got to throw somebody on the mat for the Teakkyang club (traditional Korean martial arts). There was even a wine club, but the members drank all of the alcohol before I got to the tent.

The club fair lasted around 3 days, with different clubs rotating the tents throughout the day. There was a stage in the middle of the plaza and different performances happened when the club fair lasted into the night. On the first night, the KU Dance club performed a kpop and hip hop routine and on the second night, different bands and singers performed a concert onstage.

It was really fun to see the different clubs of KU and to try out all the fun things at the fair. I ended up joining the Teakkyang club and I got to meet some really cool people there. So, if you are ever looking for activities to do while studying abroad, I suggest you check out the club fair.

Standing in front of Changgyeonggung palace while wearing a hanbok (traditional Korean wear).

Name: Abigail Lee

Major: Communications

Studying at: Korea University in Seoul, South Korea

Illustration of a globe with South Korea highlighted in red.

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