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William Slover holds a book while seated between two stacks of library books.

Philosophy Student Accepted to Med School as a Sophomore

Liberal arts education sets pre-med scholar up for success

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While studying in the grand library at Oxford University in England, William Slover received news that shocked him.

He had just finished his sophomore year and had been accepted into medical school at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Slover, ‘25 Philosophy.

Slover, a pre-med scholar, was overjoyed. His hard work and focus had paid off, his future was quickly taking shape and his dream to be a doctor was looking more and more possible.

CNU’s early medical school acceptance provided a pathway for him to accomplish his life’s mission, and to know early that it was attainable. The Pre-Med Scholars Program is a partnership between CNU and EVMS and VCU School of Medicine that offers the opportunity for the students to alleviate the stress of medical school acceptance as undergraduates. The partnership also provides mentoring, shadowing opportunities, weekly meetings, and advising to enrich the pre-med journey.

“I could not be any happier about it,” Slover said. “I am thrilled.”

When he got the good news, Slover still had two years of college ahead of him, ample time for him to squeeze as much wisdom and insight out of his Christopher Newport experience as possible.

Through a mix of academic offerings and extracurricular involvement, Slover has built his resume, achieved personal goals and sharpened his career focus.

Slover, who grew up in nearby Poquoson, has not missed a chance to excel at CNU. He is in the Honors Program, a member of President’s Leadership Program, is on the pre-med track, and has two minors, German and Leadership. He also is a certified volunteer EMT with a local fire department and is doing neuroscience research under Associate Professor Dr. Matthew Campolattaro in the Psychology Department. To say Slover has structured his college years around the four pillars of a CNU education would be an understatement.

✓ Research: He’s working with Dr. Campolattaro in a lab studying the reflexes of rats.

✓ Study abroad: He traveled to Germany to study abroad, Oxford as a Presidential Scholar, and Kenya on a medical mission.

✓ Internships: He works with a local doctor, shadowing him and learning from his medical practice.

✓ Service: He works with paramedics on an ambulance and is an active member of Cru, a Christian group on campus.

Slover, an Eagle Scout, first visited CNU when he performed on campus as a member of his high school band.

When he came back to tour it, he knew Christopher Newport was the right place for him to excel and find his calling.

“CNU spoke to me,” he said. “I couldn’t ask for a better environment. It felt very aesthetically pleasing and satisfying. The small class sizes were perfect. All the pieces fell into place.”

The biggest draw was the opportunity for early acceptance into medical school.

“I found exactly what I wanted and the platform to do exactly what I wanted to do,” he said. Slover’s goal has been to become a gastroenterologist, so CNU’s partnership with EVMS was most enticing.

“I have no regrets at all,” he said. “Everything I had hoped to come to pass has.”

Slover is always on the run, moving from one activity to another. He likes to be busy, and he loves to learn. The more he can enrich his mind and knowledge, he said, the better. He has spent nights in the fire station, and then gotten up early to go to class. It is all about balance and finding what brings joy, he said.

“I want to be a cultured person. I have embraced liberal arts because I’m a philosophy major who is also studying medicine and leadership,” he said. “I want to be well rounded. I want to be able to relate to different cultures and people.”

For Slover, learning is a passion. He embraces both the depth of philosophy and religion and the science of medicine, and is fascinated by how they interrelate.

“I really enjoy both,” he said.

Slover hopes to swirl all of his loves together during his educational journey. He not only plans to become a doctor of medicine, but also obtain his master’s in theological studies. He has been offered a spot at Duke University’s School of Divinity.

“My plan is to go to medical school, and after three years, take a two year leave of absence to get my master’s.

“That would be a way to integrate both of my passions,” he said.

He is a firm believer that a higher power has helped him succeed and find his calling.

“God is the one who opened the doors,” he said. “Now, I am just walking through them.”

Slover’s end goal is to use his training both in divinity and medicine to be the best doctor possible.

“It is all preparing me to be a strong physician who loves and cares for my patients,” he said.

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