Board of Visitors Meeting November 2, 2017 - Board of Visitors - Christopher Newport University

Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors Meeting November 2, 2017

The Board of Visitors met on November 2, 2017 in the Board Room of the David Student Union with Rector Scott Millar presiding.

Present from the Board

  • Mr. William R. Ermatinger
  • Robert R. Hatten, Esq.
  • Mr. C. Bradford Hunter, Secretary
  • Mr. W. Bruce Jennings
  • Mr. Steven S. Kast
  • Ms. Terri M. McKnight, CPA
  • Mr. N. Scott Millar, Rector
  • Kellye L. Walker, Esq.
  • Dr. Ella P. Ward
  • Mrs. Judy F. Wason
  • Mr. Junius. H. Williams, Jr.

Absent from the Board

  • Lindsey Carney, Esq.
  • Mrs. Vicki Siokis Freeman, Vice Rector
  • Hon. Gabriel A. Morgan

Present from the University

  • Paul Trible, President
  • Mr. William Brauer, Executive Vice President
  • Mrs. Cynthia Perry, Chief of Staff
  • Dr. David Doughty, Provost
  • Mrs. Adelia Thompson, Vice President for University Advancement
  • Dr. Lisa Duncan Raines, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success
  • Dr. Kevin Hughes, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Maureen Matsen, Esq., University Counsel
  • Mr. Robert Lange, Dean of Admission
  • Dr. Brian Puaca, Faculty Senate President
  • Mr. Tom Kramer, Director of External Relations
  • Mrs. Beverley Mueller, Executive Assistant
  • Mr. Kenneth Kidd, Student Assembly President

Present from the Press

  • Ms. Jane Hammond, Daily Press

Rector Scott Millar welcomed everyone present. Rector Millar thanked everyone for embracing the concept of the mini-on-campus advance today allowing the Board an exciting opportunity to spend the day interacting with students, faculty and staff. He said it had been a very informative day learning first-hand how CNU puts students first and what is done to enhance the CNU experience all across campus.Additionally, he thanked the students for participating in today’s events and having lunch with the Board and sharing their experiences. He asked the students to introduce themselves and share a little about their involvement at CNU. The students included Catherine Boyle, James Davis, Laura Miller and Kendall O’Brian.

President’s Report

President Trible welcomed everyone present. He announced that this weekend is Homecoming and over 1,000 graduates are expected to return to campus for the festivities. He thanked Ms. Kellye Walker for her excellent presentation to the President’s Leadership students last month.

President Trible said that recently all faculty and staff attended a presentation by Mr. Juan Johnson, President of Diversity Leadership in Action. This effort is led by CNU’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion which is chaired by Mr. Brad Hunter. Students and senior administrators also met with Mr. Johnson focusing on how we can successfully work together to make everyone feel welcomed on our campus. Hunter said the event was a large success and that he is excited about the direction of the Council.

President Trible said that the admissions program is off to a wonderful start with applications up 25% ahead of this time last year. He told the Board that the admissions team, Provost and deans recently returned from a recruiting trip in Maryland and continue to recruit throughout Virginia and beyond.

President Trible told the Board that our athletic department has accomplished something this fall that is unmatched in all of college athletics. CNU is the only athletic program in the nation, at any level to have four programs (men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey and volleyball) finish conference play with undefeated records. All four programs are top-seeded in the conference post-season tournaments and all are ranked in the top 25 nationally.

Rector Millar called for a motion to approve the September 15, 2017 minutes. The motion was provided by Mr. Bruce Jennings and seconded by Dr. Ella Ward and was passed by unanimous vote of the Board.

Rector Millar asked Ms. Cindi Perry to review Resolution 1: Crisis and Emergency Management Plan and Emergency Operations Plan. Ms. Perry said that the Code of Virginia requires each institution to conduct a comprehensive review of their crises and emergency management plan every four years and the plan requires Board approval. She explained that the plan ensures that policies are in place to respond to and recover from natural hazards such as severe weather conditions, technological incidents and manmade disasters such as terrorism and violent crimes. Rector Miller called for questions and further discussion and then called for a motion to approve Resolution 1. Mr. Brad Hunter provided the motion which was seconded by Mr. Bobby Hatten and passed by unanimous vote of the Board.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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